Why choose us

1.    Trusted Cambridge tutors since 2006

Come and meet our teachers and discuss your concerns at our 2 permanent Cambridge tuition centres. Why choose us? Parents value and appreciate our independent, professional advice (see Parents Testimonials).

2.    We’re here for you 7 days a week

Our teaching team are here every day for whenever you need us. We keep you fully informed with a feedback report after every lesson.

3.   We say YES

√      Small groups (5:1) – yes

√      Micro groups (3:1) – yes

√      One-to-one option – yes

√      Home tutoring option – yes

√      Language clubs – yes

√      Maths, English, science, more – Yes

4.    Free National Curriculum assessments provide the answers you need

Our experienced teachers don’t guess. We identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses with our free assessments. The comprehensive report we give you to take home is far more detailed than the typical school report.

5.   A plan to succeed

Our teachers devise an independent learning programme just for your child. It’s tailored for your child’s needs. Our teachers are here for the long-run to make it happen.

Why choose us?

Our focus is on helping your child to succeed and fullfil his/her full potential.

 Why choose us?