Tutors – Terms and Conditions

Cambridge families have trusted Excelr8 Learning tutors since 2006.  See what other parents say. Our 7 day service, range of lesson types and payment options enable us to provide the right solution for your child. We provide online tutoring for families anywhere and for families who live at or near near Cambridge, our fully-equipped learning centre is conveniently located on the edge of Cambridge.

Our Term Dates 2020 to 2021

Summer Term 2020

1st June to 25th July 2020 end of term

Summer Holiday:

open every week- 27th July  to  2nd Sept. 

Winter Term 2020

Thursday  3rd Sept.  to  Saturday 24th Oct.
Half Term:  Open Monday  
26th Oct.   to  Thursday 29th Oct.
Monday  2nd Nov.  to  Saturday  19th Dec.
Christmas Holiday: Closed 

Spring Term 2021

Monday 4th Jan.  to  Saturday 13th Feb. 

Tutors – Terms and Conditions

Face-to Face Lessons at Hardwick near Cambridge:

  • Small Group ratio is 5:1 Group lesson duration is 1 hour 15 mins.
  • One-to-one lessons are normally for 1 hour although longer options are available.

After all lessons, there is a short feedback meeting with parents.

Online Lessons

Choose from 2 lesson types:


Course Length:

Pupils are enrolled into either:

  1. an OPEN-ENDED course or
  2. a short-term FIXED-LENGTH course.

Lesson Content:

We agree a programme of study with parents/pupils. Parents are welcome to ask for the programme to be modified at any time. Lessons may include one subject or a mix of subjects.

Lesson Fees:

Fees are payable by regular subscription – choose 4, 8 or 16 weekly. Payments are due on the day of the last paid lesson.
We accept:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit and Debit card payments via Paypal
  • PayPal

Attending Lessons:

  • Pupils are enrolled into weekly lesson(s) and attendance is compulsory during Excelr8 Learning’s term dates.
  • Please note: our term dates closely follow but are not identical to state school terms.
  • Our term dates are posted on our website and are displayed at the centre.
  • Holiday lessons are optional but lesson times may vary. Optional holiday lessons are booked separately ahead of each holiday (subject to availability).

MISSED Lessons:

We understand that missing a lesson is sometimes unavoidable. Our policy is to offer a replacement lesson provided parents notify us in advance that their child will be unable to attend lessons.

Our terms for Missed Lessons replacements:

Missed Tuition Centre Class lessons 

    1. Replacement lessons are subject to availability.
    2. A replacement lesson will be offered on any day we have a vacancy.
    3. Replacement lessons (if available) must be taken asap, normally within 2 weeks.
    4. Replacement lessons are not available during any school holidays.
    5. Replacement lessons are taken as an extra lesson, usually on a different day to the normal lesson(s).
    6. Please Note: We specifically do not carry over or tack a lesson on to the end of a subscription period.

Missed One to One Lessons either Tuition Centre or Online 

    1. If no prior notice is given, we will make a charge of the full amount of the lesson fee.
    2. If you notify us at least the day before the lesson is due to take place, we will cancel the lesson and arrange a replacement at no charge.
    3. On the day of the lesson, if you notify us more than an hour before the lesson is due to take place we will charge 50% of the lesson fee for the late cancellation.

Cancelling an Enrolment:

To end an OPEN-ENDED enrolment we require 4 weeks’ term time advance notice in writing.

FIXED-LENGTH courses end at the date you selected unless you notify us otherwise.

Please note our terms of cancellation:

  1. For Open-ended courses, notice must be given in writing please by letter or email.
  2. Please ensure you have received a reply confirming that we received your notice.
  3. Notice is for 4 weeks of term-time lessons.
  4. Holiday weeks are not included in the 4 weeks’ advance notice.
  5. If notice is given just before a school holiday, the notice period will extend the enrolment beyond the holiday into the following school term.

Long Absences or Breaks in Enrolment:

We are happy to agree a break in a pupil’s enrolment but require:

  1. 4 weeks’ advance notice and
  2. an agreed date when the lessons will resume.
  3. We will then hold open the lesson day and time for you.
  4. In addition, we require a holding fee of 4 weeks’ lessons.
  5. The holding fee is payable at the time notice is given.

Unfortunately, unless these arrangements are in place, a pupil’s enrolment will terminate.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy at this link.
Additionally, our Privacy Policy is displayed in each centre.