Trusted tutoring since 2006

Tutoring Maths, English, Science
ages 5-18
Preparing for GCSE, A Level, Sats, Entrance Exams

or just when your child needs a Boost!

Free Assessment

Our FREE national curriculum assessment thoroughly identifies your child’s strengths and learning gaps. Additionally, we give you a detailed report to keep.

Individual learning programme

Our experienced, qualified tutors work out an individual learning programme for your child, guided by: the results of your child’s free national curriculum assessment; your child’s school reports; the work you would like us to cover.

We work closely with parents to ensure we provide the most appropriate learning programme possible, providing trusted tutoring since 2006.

Building confidence & Success

Helping your child build confidence, become more successful and enjoy learning is key.

Available 7 days a week

With busy schedules and lives, families appreciate our 7 day a week availability.

Flexible tutoring options

These include:

  • the small group. The maximum teacher/pupil ratio is 5:1. This is our most popular  format and suits most children because they receive all the help they need. Available Monday – Saturday.
  • one to one.  For pupils who require more specialised one to one support. Available 7 days a week.
  • the micro group. The maximum teacher / pupil ratio is 3:1.


Discounts are available:

  • when paying in advance
  • for more than 1 lesson a week
  • for families enrolling more than 1 child

Trusted tutoring since 2006

Our qualified teachers have all the resources and facilities necessary to help your child build confidence and succeed.

FREE National Curriculum Assessment

Takes about an hour. Children complete the test at their own pace.

Assessment identifies your child’s strengths and learning gaps. The detailed report we give you to take home provides much more information than the typical school report.

Free Assessments are available most days. You can book online here or telephone personally on 01954 211888 Monday to Thursday 12:30 to 5:30 or Saturday 8:30 to 12:30.