Timothy Onigbinde Maths Tutor

Timothy Onigbinde Maths Tutor


A highly qualified maths teacher with wide experience of teaching school years 7-13 in a variety of educational settings.

Timothy focuses on ensuring pupils gain an understanding of the underlying principles of the maths topics being studied. This help them not only with their study of the current topic but also enables them to develop a more general grasp of mathematical ideas, concepts and ways of thinking.

Recently, Timothy has worked supporting students with SEN requirements at Impington Village College and until recently, also at Mander Portman Woodward, an Independent Fifth and Sixth Form College located in central Cambridge, tutoring Maths GCSE. He was a STEM Ambassador (2015-2017) which involved motivating school pupils to study STEM subjects.

Timothy tends to plan his lessons so they involve as much interaction with the pupils as possible, for instance, using visual aids and IT packages which allow real-time manipulation of shapes, graphs or data. This enables pupils to investigate their ideas and theories in an engaging way and develop a more fundamental understanding of the mathematics than might otherwise be the case.

Timothy is looking forward to helping your child aged 11-18 to build confidence and achieve greater success and enjoyment with her/his maths studies.