Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on inclusive philosophy that is designed to help every student realise their potential in a supportive environment.

We do not teach in the same way as schools – every child is different and we design our delivery individually for them. In every lesson each student follows their own personalised lesson plan built just for them based on their initial learning assessment with us and the progress we see as they move through their course. We tailor each lesson for the student so that we can both fill in their knowledge gaps and boost their confidence.

All of our assessment and teaching is based directly around the UK National Curriculum Key Stages. The assessment directly relates to the learning outcomes in maths and English for every school year group and gives us a clear route map for the specific areas that may need support as well as a general sense of how the student is performing overall. This route map informs our general curriculum in maths and English as well as support our 11+ and private school entry programmes. For science students our initial assessment is subjective and based on a personal review by an expert tutor.

Our aim is that every student becomes a confident, knowledgeable individual with a fully rounded understanding of the subject or subjects of study.

To realise our programme aims we work on four core areas with each student:

Making learning fun

We believe the best learning happens when the student is happy and engaged. A core part of our approach is to make learning fun.  We create an open, light-hearted learning environment where students are partners in the learning process. All students, even the youngest, call our teachers by their first name to create a friendly starting point.  We then use a range of engaging and interactive activities to support the learning process. You can try an activity for free by clicking below!

We also have our own prize system – The Treddly Trail. Every time a student completes a task they earn points which help them move along the trail. Once they get to 100 points they get a reward from our prize box to recognise their hard work!

Knowledge of the subject across the breadth of the curriculum

Every week each student will undertake an activity that covers multiple areas of the subject they are studying. For instance, in maths, a student may answer a ten question maths workout sheet covering the range of maths topics relevant for their learning stage. By practicing lots of different areas of the subject each week we are able to maintain their breadth of knowledge during the course rather than covering one topic in one week which they may have forgotten a few weeks later. We practice as many areas as possible each week to keep their knowledge alive.

Deep dive activities to fill in specific knowledge gaps

The majority of every lesson is focused on filling in the knowledge gaps that we detect on our initial assessment. The assessment is designed directly around the UK National Curriculum to specifically identify where each student needs to support to meet the learning outcomes for their school year. We will work with the student each week to address one or two specific areas of concern and practice them until the student gains the ability and confidence necessary to succeed independently.

Individual development and personal confidence

Many of the students who come to us have lost confidence in their own work and ability – often over many years of struggling in school. As much as we work on the academic knowledge areas we are also keenly focused on developing each students personal confidence. Working individually one-to-one or in mini-groups of no more than five children, each child is free to ask questions and gain support from the teacher in a way which may not be possible in a regular school class where children may feel intimidated or nervous and unwilling to ask for help. We use a range of positive reinforcements such as repeated individual praise and our Treddly Trail prize system to recognise a students ability and reward them for positive progress. While we challenge every student every lesson to move forward in their academic work we do not overwhelm students with work that may be beyond them and could damage their confidence.

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