Philosophy A Level

Dr Robert Farrell
Philosophy A Level Tutor

Philosophy A level – a demanding subject

Philosophy A Level is a subject which makes unusual demands on anyone who studies it, and it can sometimes take a while for a student new to the subject to become aware of what those demands are, and how to meet them.

We strive to help our students to enter the subject with a good mixture of understanding, skill and enjoyment.

What does a study of Philosophy require?

Firstly, it requires that we approach, with open and alert minds, various points of view, sometimes expressed in our presence, sometimes, as in Philosophy A level, in texts, which may strike us as difficult to understand, or to sympathise with.

Secondly, it requires that we respond to these points of view in a rational way, using a combination of analysis, evidence and argument to arrive at our own assessment of them.

It is the combination of these two demands which makes Philosophy such an unusual, challenging, and exciting subject.

Philosophy A level  Tutors

We work to help our students meet these very real demands. Additionally, to increase their openness and flexibility of mind, their capacity for rational argument and their ability to pay close attention to what is said to them and what they read in texts set for their study.

Exam success

Any student who succeeds in mastering Philosophy will also succeed in their examinations in the subject, and in much more. They will have begun acquiring abilities that will enable them to navigate, understand and participate in the world of ideas better than most of the people around them.

We aim to help you achieve that success!

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