Parent Testimonials

Communications with parents

Excelr8 have been amazing from the beginning. They have brought out a confidence in my daughter that I never thought would emerge. They are patient, kind and encouraging at all times. Their communication with parents is great and I am extremely happy with the fantastic progress my daughter is making. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as they have made a huge difference to my daughter’s academic life.  (by looseylu)

Building confidence is often the key

Thank you so much for all you did for Nathan, you took a maths frightened boy and produced a maths confident young man!! You came highly recommended and lived up to every part of the recommendation. Thanks again  (by Matt Creighton)

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

“My son and daughter have been attending Excelr8 in Hardwick for a couple of years now. Over that time, we have seen a significant improvement in both their grasp of maths and English, and their appetite for learning. This has built their confidence, and from being middle achievers, they are now both performing well above expected standards, as assessed by their respective schools.

I believe the reason it works so well is that understanding of key principles and strategies is independently checked, and any confusion or gaps quickly addressed, which enables further knowledge to be built on firm foundations. In addition, the high ratio of tutors to pupils allows for a detailed picture of your child’s development to be gained, and this is shared with you, the parent, for reinforcement at home.

I would thoroughly recommend Excelr8 – at least your money is unlikely to be wasted …”(Mr Gundry)

Thank you for all your hard work

“Thank you for all your hard work and support with Joshua (aged 11). You’ve been fantastic!”

Progress at school

“Toby is really making progress at school now and we feel that a lot of it is thanks to you.”

Excellent SATs results

“I thought you would like to know that Saskia has had her Year 6 SATs results and got 4 English, 4 Maths and 5 Science. As I write I’m in tears as I’m so proud of her and I cannot thank you and your team enough for helping Saskia with all the extra work in English and Maths to allow her to achieve these results.” (Mrs Simmons)

Writing Competition winner

“Year 8 students were asked to enter a short story competition run by Excelr8 Learning [at Melbourne Village College]. Congratulations to Jenny K for winning this competition, she has received a beautiful new bike.”

Remarkable progress

“I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Beau’s (aged 7) progress in literacy, since he started attending Saturday morning lessons at Excelr8, 6 months ago. His progress, enthusiasm and increased confidence have been remarkable. Keep up the good work!”

Improvement in maths, science and literacy

“Thank you for the help and support you have given Daniel (aged 11) in Maths, Science and Literacy. He has greatly improved and developed in the subjects and has benefited from what has been taught at Excelr8.”

Help with GCSE maths

“Just to let you know that Luke (aged 15) passed his Maths GCSE. Since he had been predicted by the school to fail this vital subject, we really appreciate your help in getting him over the line, which of course, will have massive implications for his future career prospects.” (by Mr Thomas)


“Many thanks for all the help you have given my daughter Francesca (aged 9) over the past 2 years. It has helped tremendously and she has gained a lot of confidence.”

Enthusiastic for English

“It’s a pleasure to see Ben (aged 12) so enthusiastic for English once more. Thank you very much.”

Improvement in all subjects

“Can I say thanks for all the help you’re giving Emily (aged 6). I really feel she is improving on all fronts which is extremely encouraging.”

Boosted confidence

“I would like to express my delight at the excellent after-school English programme that you provide. My (12 year old) daughter Rebecca’s confidence has been boosted and she has come along in leaps and bounds both at school and in her social skills.”

Moving up 2 levels in the internal assessments at school

“We are very happy with the progress our daughter (aged 9) has made in maths over the last year. Her confidence has grown and she has moved up 2 levels in the internal assessments at school. Also in the weekly speed times tables tests at school she now finishes first, with 100% correct, which really pleases her.”

Thank you

“You are brilliant.” (parent of Daniel aged 10)

Renewed interest in English

“Thank you for all the help you have given Michael (aged 15) over the past 9 months. The lessons have certainly renewed his interest in English.”

Great improvement at school

“At a recent school parent / teacher meeting, we were given very positive feedback from Grace’s (aged 7) teacher. She has recently been moved up a group, has improved the level of reading book and, in the opinion of the teacher, is keener to learn. We feel this is very much down to her attendance at Excelr8 Learning.”

It’s fun!

“I really like Excelr8 Learning because it’s helping you and making it fun and it’s not boring.” (E.H. aged 13)

Higher maths group

“I have moved to a harder maths group at school!!”

I look forward to my SATs!

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. I’m now looking forward to my SATs exam with confidence!”

Excellent programme

“Excellent programme, committed tutors, step by step approach, very helpful, friendly environment.”

Everlasting boost

“Thank you so much Excelr8 for giving me an everlasting boost of confidence in my maths for my SATs exam. I’ve even moved up a whole level! Thanks again!”

Achieved an A!

“Excelr8 helped me achieve an A in my recent English language GCSE mock exam. Hopefully with more help I will achieve this in the real exam. Thank you Excelr8.”

Help with times tables

“Excelr8 helped me to learn my times tables and the Nessy tasks were lots of fun! Thank you for teaching me. Thank you again.”

Academic scholarship

“I moved up a whole maths group and level. I also got through two entrance exams and got offered academic scholarship for one.”

Perse Girls Senior School

“Excelr8 have helped me become a lot more confident at school. They also helped me believe that I could do my work at school and get into Perse Girls Senior School.”

Level 5 literacy

“I have reached level 5 on my literacy results. And would like to get even better. Thanks a lot!

Easier transition to secondary school

“Charlotte has been happy at Excelr8 and has made good progress which will make the transition to secondary school much easier for her.”

Thank you for all the help

“Thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given me over the past months. I really feel that I have improved greatly and my confidence has gone up majorly. I feel that I would not have passed the entrance exam without your help so thank you for all the help you gave me.”

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