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Excelr8 Learning tutors are all qualified and very experienced. We strive to ensure every child’s lessons are effective and beneficial.

✅ No risk, Free assessment with detailed report
✅ No risk, Free trial lesson.
✅ Free access to online paid educational programmes for extra homework and practice between lessons.
✅ With the free assessment report, you will obtain far greater detail than is usually found in school reports.

We are a service-oriented tutoring organisation with a proven record of producing excellent results.

✔️ The assessment takes about an hour
✔️ Your child works at his/her own pace
✔️ There is no pressure and no time limit

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You receive a comprehensive report to take home.

Our teacher will talk you through the assessment results.

The report we give you to take home will clearly identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. It will also contain far more detail than the typical school report.

Click on the link below if you would like to look closely at a sample report that will give you an idea of the detail your child’s report will contain.

Sample Year 6 Numeracy Test Report – 8 pages with detailed description

How we enrol your child:

  • We discuss and agree the tutoring goals with you.
  • You choose the day(s) and lesson time(s) that suit you.
  • Our teachers create an individual learning programme specifically for your child.

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Here’s What Parents & Students Are Saying About Excelr8 Learning:

Trusted Cambridge tutoring centres since 2006:

The Excelr8 Learning story began in 2006 at Cambridge when we opened the doors of our first tutoring centre.

Excelr8 Learning is still owned and managed by the original founders Denby Liddelow and Anna Crown who are determined to ensure very-high tutoring standards are maintained.

This ensures every pupil receives the best tuition possible from our highly-experienced tutors.

About Us:Excelr8 Learning Founder - Denby Liddelow
Excelr8 Learning Founder and Managing Director – Denby Liddelow
Excelr8 Learning Director - Anna Crown
Excelr8 Learning Director – Anna Crown

We Provide Continuity & Certainty:

Excelr8 Learning tutors provide pupils with a deeper learning experience than school alone can offer.

✔️ Pupils enjoy the close attention of their tutors
✔️ Pupils receive individual learning support
✔️ Tutors find real and individual solutions for each pupil
✔️ Tutors work closely with parents and respond to their concerns
✔️ Parents value the high-quality tutoring
✔️ Reliable 7-day service
✔️ Highly-professional and friendly approach

Our tutors are enthusiastic and approachable. Their personal encouragement motivates pupils to achieve higher levels of understanding, knowledge, and skills.

Since 2006, Excelr8 Learning has been helping parents to make informed decisions about their child’s future learning.

Get started and gain a deeper understanding of your child’s progress and knowledge with our National Curriculum FREE assessment report.