Maths Tutor Summer Holidays 2019

Looking for a private tutor for your child aged 5-18 during summer?

Look no further. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are available throughout the summer school holidays to help your child to catch up, improve, move ahead and excel.

Maths Tutor
English Tutor
Science Tutor

Primary – Secondary – GCSE – A-Level

Holiday Discounts for:

  • small group classes (1 1/4 hours)
  • 1-to-1 tuition also available for all subjects

Come and meet the teachers and discuss your concerns. Let us know what you’d like your child to achieve during the holiday lessons. Our experienced teachers will work hard to help your child to improve and meet your goals.

Additionally, the Free National Curriculum Assessment and detailed report we give you help you to better understand your child’s learning needs.

Bookings available NOW for

Monday 22nd July to Friday 30th August

I would like to Book an initial FREE National Curriculum ASSESSMENT

Maths Tutor Summer Holidays 2019:

FREE ASSESSMENT provided with a detailed report to take home. All tuition is face to face at our Cambridge and Hardwick tutoring centres,

1:     Existing pupils:

Continue your child’s usual programme or try some new subjects or topics in the holidays.  To make a booking, please contact Pooja to check availability of your preferred times. Please see below for phone numbers and email address.

2:     New pupils:

Free National Curriculum Assessments in maths and English are available throughout the holidays for all ages 5-16. The detailed report we give you to take home identifies your child’s strengths and learning gaps. Following the assessment, our experienced teachers develop an individual learning programme just for your child.

We focus on your child’s specific needs every lesson. General revision can include a mix of maths and English, including writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation or other subjects you might request.

2 locations

  • Our North Cambridge tutoring centre is close to the A14, just off Milton Road near the Science Park. See details here
  • Our Hardwick tutoring centre is about 3 miles west of the city near the American Cemetary. From Cambridge follow Madingley Road or use the A428. It’s ideally located for local villages, Cambourne and city west  families.  See details here

Make an enquiry –  book a place

Book a free assessment here online. Alternatively, please call for more information – term time – Mondays to Thursdays 12:30 to 5:30  or Saturdays 8:30 to 12:30 on either:
01223 429923
01954 211 888