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Kieron Fraser – experienced science teacher
and qualified pharmacist

Huntingdon science tutor

Currently, I teach science for GCSE and the A Levels at a Huntingdon secondary school. At the same time I also have availability for some out-of-hours private tuition during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays.

My route to teaching

Prior to training as a teacher, I started in the education system as a secondary school science laboratory technician. This exposed me to all the practical activities required for GCSE and A level Sciences.  Presently, I am a fully qualified Huntingdon science tutor and teacher with over seventeen years’ experience successfully preparing students for exams in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry &
  • Physics.

Teaching is my passion

I enjoy teaching, it is my passion!

It is my belief that teachers have a unique opportunity to mould the lives of pupils and influence them in a very positive way. Moreover, it is my firm belief that teachers should model the behaviours and successes that we seek in our students.

A licensed pharmacist

I completed my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (and am currently a licensed pharmacist) to show my students that education was limitless and there was no end to the level of success they could achieve.

Many of my past students of gone on to have successful careers in Medicine, Engineering, Nursing and other Health and Science based industries.

Initial Free Assessment

To book lessons, our first step is an initial free assessment, please click here.  This enable us to identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. I then devise an individual learning plan to:

  • help your child overcome any learning gaps
  • build confidence and
  • achieve greater success.

Furthermore, as a Huntingdon science tutor, I draw on my experience to break down even the most difficult concepts. As a result, this enables your child to gain a comprehensive grasp of the idea being studied.

Motivating and engaging students

I’m able to reach students at whichever level they are working. Chiefly, I use use their ideas and experience and build on those ideas, helping them to see the relevance and application of science concepts in everyday life. It might be explaining the chemistry of sunblock lotion. On the other hand, we might evaluate the effects of pain killers on the nervous system. Alternatively, we may investigate the electrical or heating system of homes.

Whatever strategies I employ, when students realise that science is all around us they become even more motivated to learn about the world around them. Additionally, children come to appreciate that science is the bed-rock on which advances in the modern world are based.

Tailoring lessons according to individual need

Throughout my teaching career to date, I have taught many adults and disadvantaged learners. Consequently, I appreciate the unique learning styles of people with learning disabilities or adults with busy home and work lives who desire to obtain qualifications in the sciences. In this regard I have tailored and differentiated lessons to meet the needs of these learning groups.

The next Step?

I look forward to working with your child, to help her or him to achieve the highest possible standards. In addition, I guarantee that after the first lesson your child’s understanding and appreciation for the sciences will improve.

My Motto: Inspiring the next generation of great scientists.

To book a FREE Initial Assessment, please click here.