Huntingdon English Tutor

Huntingdon English Tutor

Chris Monaghan
English Language and Literature tutor for all levels

Huntingdon English Tutor

I am an experienced teacher of English Language and Literature at all secondary levels and ages. The craft of education profoundly interests me. Consequently, I have a great love of all aspects the subject and am fascinated by the ways in which young people learn –  and learn to learn.

My excellent knowledge of literacy enables me to teach any period and genre of literature up to A Level. As an enthusiastic reader and writer (the latter professionally as well as for purely private purposes) I consider myself a “lifelong student”.  As a result, I hope always to impart my enjoyment of English and its many connections to the wider world of education, culture and life to my students, no matter their age or ability.

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Tutoring English in different settings

In the UK I have worked within the state and independent sectors. Additionally,  for seven years I taught in international schools in Spain and Madrid. There I taught to the English and Welsh National Curriculum, Key Stages 3 to 5, as well as the IGCSE and Oxbridge entrance. Furthermore, my pupils have enjoyed consistently good exam success in KS 4 and 5 (English Language&Literature and English Literature).

Keeping up with curriculum changes

I am familiar with curricular changes and new assessment objectives at all senior levels. Additionally, I have taught the AQA, Edexcel, Cambridge, Oxford &Cambridge and WJEC syllabuses.

My English tutoring experience

My experience has allowed me to develop diverse teaching strategies to cater for individual needs, dispositions and learning styles. This has aided me in the small group and individual tuition I have given in recent years, both within schools and privately.

Getting to know my students individually, especially their interests and motivation as well as their strengths and any weaknesses is vital to their enjoyment and consequently success in the subject. I aim always to be sensitive and patient, knowing that confidence and prior educational experience are crucial factors in young people’s academic progress.

Huntingdon English tutor -my strengths

Raising grades is my particular strength; target-setting through regular and detailed marking: opening up literary texts to students’ lives and values; making SpAG (“spelling, punctuation, grammar”, an increasingly important aspect of the curriculum) come alive through a host of approaches and strategies: improving creative writing skills; literacy intervention.

I am friendly, easy-going and humorous, seeing students as more than merely learners but as whole people with all their complexity and uniqueness. Above all, I believe this ultimately makes students better learners.

I am very aware of the responsibility and trust involved in tutoring your child.