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GCSE and A-Level English Literature Tutoring

Each Excelr8 Learning GCSE and A-Level Literature tutor is a highly-qualified professional. Not only are our skilled and experienced tutors on hand to provide the expert tuition needed, they also have the teaching ability to make that vital difference.

When a pupil is facing GCSE or A-Level exams, the tutor’s qualifications and teaching ability is vital. Our tutors have the skill to identify the pupil’s learning gaps and the experience to develop a learning plan that focuses specifically on the pupil’s exact needs.

We provide tuition for all levels covering ages 5-18; from primary to GCSE and A level. Also, tutoring is available in English and all other core subjects.

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Excelr8 Learning GCSE English Literature Tutor Benefits:

  • Expert tutoring
  • qualified and experienced teachers
  • Free National Curriculum Assessment and detailed report
  • 5 Star Trust Pilot Rating
  • Competitive lesson fees
  • 7 days a week
  • Individual learning programmes


We devise an individual learning programme tailored exactly to your child’s needs. Our tutors strive to boost each pupil’s confidence and self-esteem to ensure they achieve success to the best of their ability.

Free Assessment

We identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps by using National Curriculum assessments. Additionally, the comprehensive report we give you to take home is far more detailed than the typical school report. Furthermore, it provides parents with a better understanding of their child’s learning needs.

Our Methods

The Excelr8 Learning way is traditional face-to-face teaching supported by technology as appropriate.

√ Small groups (5:1) – yes

√ Micro groups (3:1) – yes

√ One-to-one option – yes

√ English Literature and all other core subjects – Yes



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