Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my child have lessons for?

All pupils have different learning needs so we will discuss the best route forward after your assessment. Some students attend for short terms, others stay with us for many year as their education progresses. We want to offer the best support for the child so every package is individual.

When are lessons held?

Lessons are available 7 days a week – either face-to-face at our Hardwick, Cambridge Tuition Centre or online.

Does every child have a free initial assessment?

Yes, every child does, either online or at our Hardwick tuition centre.

Can I try a tuition session before committing? 

Yes, you can have a no-commitment trial session. This will be discussed with you after your assessment.

What type of lessons do you offer? 

We offer:

One-to-one tuition – both in 1 hour sessions (available online and in-person) and shorter 40-minute confidence builder sessions (available only online).

Small group tuition – all students follow a personalised lesson plan built just for them in a small group of students working with the teacher. These sessions are available in-centre and online.

When are the lesson times?

We operate after school hours on weekdays and on Saturdays. We can by arrangement also offer one-to-one tuition during school hours.

How do I book lessons?

Please book a free assessment by clicking here.  We contact you as soon as possible to make the arrangements. Alternatively you can email us: admin@excelr8learning.co.uk or phone: 01954 211888.

How is a learning programme worked out for my child?

We  identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps using National Curriculum assessments.  Then, we devise a tailored learning programme to suit your child’s specific needs. The teacher carefully plans the day’s work before every lesson. Every pupil studies his/her own individual learning programme.

How will I know if my child is progressing?

We provide a short parent feedback meeting after every lesson. This ensures you are fully up-to-date with your child’s progress. You can ask the teacher questions, change your child’s programme or request another assessment. We always work closely with parents.

When should my child be retested?

We assess your child’s work constantly. Additionally, we keep you up-to-date during the parent feedback meetings after every lesson. Furthermore, we arrange an additional assessment to confirm progress is being made if required. Please talk to your child’s teacher.

Is homework given?

We give homework if requested.  We may suggest sometimes that a task is completed at home if we feel that it would especially benefit your child. This is always done with parents’ agreement

How are lesson fees paid?

All lesson fees must be paid in advance. Fees are payable weekly (no large payment required upfront!) by credit or debit card.

Are there discounts available?

Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts. We offer a premium service that represents excellent value for money.

What if my child misses a lesson?

Our “missed lessons” policy ensures you have the opportunity to arrange a free replacement lesson. Please refer to out Terms of Business.

What about if we are planning a holiday?

Simply provide us with 4 weeks’ notice. Then we will postpone any lessons you have paid for until you are back from your holiday.

Didn’t find your answer here?

Please use the contact form to ask us, or email admin@excelr8learning.co.uk or simply call us on 01954 211888.