Excelr8 Learning™ Education tutoring Franchise opportunities

Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted UK brand since 2006 where we’ve made our mark in Cambridge. As a result, we now offer teachers in other parts of the UK the opportunity to create their own franchised tutoring business.

Excelr8 Learning is a privately owned UK business, not a large multi-national corporation in which many franchisees simply become lost in a numbers game. Rather, Excelr8 Learning franchisees are trained and supported by other experienced teachers.

Choose your business format
•    operate your own low overheads Excelr8 Learning tuition centre
•    tutor students in their homes
•    free website for affiliated tutors

An Excelr8 Learning franchise matches our experience to your aspirations. Additionally, we offer several kinds of education tutoring franchise options. Therefore, you decide the level of commitment that is comfortable for you. Furthermore, you choose your teaching hours and you decide how many weeks of the year you prefer to teach.


Build your education tutoring franchise on the bedrock of our reputation

Since 2006, Excelr8 Learning™ has carefully nurtured a reputation for providing high-quality private tuition for students mainly aged 5-16.  As a result, becoming an Excelr8 Learning franchisee means you benefit from our years of experience. You benefit by building your own successful private tutoring business on the back of our reputation.

Excelr8 Learning education tutoring franchise standards:

•    up-to-date UK National Curriculum assessments
•    accurate identification of individual learning needs
•    tailored learning programmes for every pupil
•    resources used widely in UK schools
•    real teaching: face-to-face, one-to-one.

Our standards are the same for every child regardless of whether you operate a small enterprise visiting your students in their homes, or whether you run an out-of-hours tuition centre from commercial premises.

Traditional quality face-to-face teaching versus the internet

Undoubtedly the internet is changing the way people access educational services. As a result, many students can easily obtain the extra support they need online. Consequently, we usually don’t meet such pupils.

Most noteworthy, however, the internet is not changing the need for the kind of 1-2-1 personal service that we provide. Rather, many parents value the personal services and professional advice that only a properly trained teacher can give, face-to-face, with her/his clients.

That reassuring word, that encouraging “yes you can” comment, building confidence and encouraging success are the preserves of the face-to-face private tutor sitting next to their pupil.

Most of all, the trained teacher takes care of parents’ concerns and manages their child’s learning programme. Additionally, the private tutor provides reassurance because he/she is able to work out solutions and deliver results. On the other hand, online computer algorithms deliver educational material mechanically to a faceless client. Consequently, the online solutions simply do not match the service provided face-to-face by experienced and qualified teachers.

An education tutoring franchise for committed professionals

At Excelr8 Learning we are not sales people representing large international corporations. Rather, we are committed teaching professionals.  Consequently, we are seeking other committed professionals who wish to provide excellent tuition services to their clients, while operating their own private tutoring franchise.

Excelr8 Learning™ franchisees love mornings

Are life-style considerations important for you?  Additionally, would you enjoy being more in control of your daily schedule?  First of all, teachers join the profession with high ideals, expecting and hoping to use their skills for the benefit of their pupils. Unfortunately, sometimes initial aspirations are drowned under paperwork and systemic “problems”.  As an Excelr8 Learning franchisee, on the other hand, you can regain control of your life.  Consequently, you are able to enjoy a different life-style – one that you invent that for yourself!

The Tutors’ Association

In conclusion, we are members of the Tutors’ Association and fully support its code of ethics.

Like to find out more?

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