Franchise – New Tutoring Centre

For investors, tutors or teachers who would like to build a tutoring centre business in commercial premises, backed by the experience of a trusted UK brand operating since 2006.

Achieve your ambitions:

• Are large class sizes and excessive paperwork frustrating your ambitions?
• Would you like to be in control of the development of your professional life?
• Is enjoying an improved quality of life your priority?

Excelr8 Learning™ franchisees achieve these ambitions with our proven and successful format. As word spreads, your business will grow to become recognised as a valuable asset within your local community.

Individual Solutions

Teachers and tutors blend their experience with our tutoring system to provide genuinely individual solutions for students aged 5-18. It’s real teaching at its best. Our online testing scheme accurately diagnoses and evaluate each child’s needs.

We have the resources and experience to help you deliver the results parents are seeking for their children:
• to maximise their child’s potential.
• to help pupils prepare for SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels & Entrance Tests.
• to support each pupil’s specific learning needs.

The Rewards

Demand is ever-increasing for tutoring services. Higher academic expectations of the latest curriculum add further momentum to parental desires to enhance their children’s learning.

Franchisees have the potential to produce significant financial rewards.

Franchise – New Tutoring Centre Summary

• Build a Tutoring Centre business in your own protected territory.
• Earn excellent profits/income.
• Be part of the Excelr8 Learning™ success story that began back in 2006.
• Enjoy minimal paperwork.
• Receive guidance and training to help you win and keep clients.
• Utilise our online resources, administration and commerce solutions.

To make an initial application/enquiry, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss the options with you.