Excelr8 Learning Hardwick

Excelr8 Learning Hardwick has been a trusted Cambridge private tuition centre since 2006.

We believe that all children given the right encouragement can make fantastic progress. We strive to boost your child’s confidence, success and self-esteem.

We’re open 7 days a week including holidays, catering for ages 5-18.

Cambridge English Tutor
Chris Monaghan – An experienced teacher committed to providing the best possible tuition for Excelr8 Learning Hardwick pupils.


Book a FREE Assessment today. Assessments are based on the National Curriculum and identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. Take home a detailed report.  Our reports contain far more detail than the typical school report. Like to see a sample report, Click Here.

Excelr8 Learning Tutors

Excelr8 Learning Hardwick
Rachel Mortimer – Centre Manager at Excelr8 Learning Hardwick. Rachel is a maths specialist with many years experience in Cambridgeshire schools.tutors

Rachel leads our team of experienced, qualified teachers at Excelr8 Learning HardwickGiven the right encouragement, we believe that every child can make fantastic progress, especially when the teacher has the opportunity to give very focussed attention to each child.

If you’re seeking a tutor who has the experience and dedication to make a really positive difference to your child’s progress, come and meet Rachel and the team.


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Excelr8 Learning Hardwick
Gillian Davison- a maths tutor and English tutor with many years experience in Cambridgeshire primary schools.



Our team includes professionally trained and experienced:

  • maths tutors
  • English tutors
  • science tutors
  • foreign language tutors,
  • tutors for most other subjects


Excelr8 Learning Hardwick
Colin Simpson – With over 30 years varied experience of teaching English, drama and film studies, Colin tutors pupils up to A-Level.

To Book a Free Assessment

Please complete the application form or if you prefer, simply call the centre on 01954 211888.

Excelr8 Learning Hardwick
Pooja Kakkar – An experienced teacher, Pooja also holds an MBA.  Pooja arranges free assessments and liaises with all our families regarding lesson timetables and subscription fees.

Excelr8 Learning Hardwick location:

Broadway House
149-151 St Neots Rd
CB23 7QJ

Tel: 01954 211888


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