Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North

Trusted Cambridge private tuition centres since 2006.

Our experienced & qualified teachers help make learning fun! In addition, we strive to boost your child’s confidence, success and self-esteem.  Tuition is available 7 days a week, at times to suit you, for ages 5-18.

Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North
Ania Ekiert – Centre Manager. Ania is a highly-qualified teacher who leads our team of very experienced maths, English and science tutors.


If you are considering private tuition for your child, our first step is to offer your child a free initial National Curriculum assessment.

Following the assessment, Ania will discuss the results with you in detail.  Also, Ania will give you a comprehensive report to take home. Moreover, if you would like to see a sample report, please click here

To book a FREE ASSESSMENT, pleases click here.



Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North
Dr Sayantani (Manti) Neogi – Manti is a very experienced teacher and special needs teacher, with our team since 2015. She tutors pupils aged 5 to 18 in all aspects of English.


Every child has tremendous potential

Our belief is that every child has an extraordinary amount of potential. Consequently, when the teacher has the opportunity to give very focussed attention to each pupil individually, excellent progress becomes achievable.

If you’re seeking a tutor who has the experience and dedication to make a really positive difference to your child’s progress, come and meet our team.

Also, see Trust Pilot Reviews by other parents about our tutoring service.

Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North
Daryl Corlito – With more than 20 years teaching in Cambridge schools, Daryl provides outstanding private maths and English tuition for ages 5-16.


Subjects taught at Cambridge North

  • maths
  • English including writing, reading, comprehension, spelling, punctuation & grammar
  • science
  • languages: French, Latin, Spanish, german
  • most other subjects



Individual learning programmes

Following the initial free assessment, our teachers talk through  the results with you. Next, we arrange a programme of study that exactly matches your child’s individual learning needs.

Additionally, we give you a detailed report to take home. (See a sample free assessment report)

Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North
Annette Le Sage – An experienced teacher, Annette holds an M.Sc. and provides tuition in maths and English for all ages from 5 to GCSE.

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Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North is located at:

20 Orwell House
Cowley Rd

tel: 01223 429923

To Book a Free Assessment:

please complete the application form or call 01223 429923

Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North
Pooja Kakkar – An experienced teacher, Pooja also holds an MBA.  Pooja arranges free assessments and liaises with all our families regarding lesson timetables and subscription fees.

 Tuition is available in several formats including:

  • Small group – the ratio of tutor to pupil is 1:5. Lessons are 1 1/4 hours (75 minutes)
  • Micro Group – the ratio of tutor to pupil is (1:3) Lessons are 1 1/4 hours (75 minutes)
  • 1-to-1 – the ratio of tutor to pupil is (1:1) Lessons are usually 1 hour but shorter or longer lessons are possible.

Our location: please see the map:  


20 Orwell House, Cowley Rd, Cambridge, CB4 0PP.   Tel 01223 429923

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