English Tutor – Anna Crown

Hardwick English Tutor - Anna Crown

Anna Crown B.Ed., M.Sc., P.G.C.E
English Tutor

Cambridge English Tutor – Anna Crown has over 30 years of teaching experience within a wide range of state schools in Devon, Essex and Cambridgeshire. She utilises her expertise to tutor English Language and English Literature at all levels up to to A-Level.  Anna is a Director of Excelr8 Learning. She is dedicated to providing excellent, educational outcomes for all Excelr8 Learning pupils.

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Anna recognises the true potential of individual teacher attention for all students. She provides immediate help when there is a difficulty to overcome. Furthermore, Anna encourages the use of practical, hands-on solutions for “kinaesthetic” learners. She particularly enjoys saying ‘Well done!’ the moment success is achieved.

Experienced English Literature & English Language Tutor

Coming from a base of excellence in classroom teaching, Anna adapts Excelr8 Learning’s methods and strategies to suit each individual child. Additionally, Anna brings 30 years plus of experience teaching English Language and English Literature to pupils of all ages and abilities. More recently, she has tutored Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils in Literacy and Numeracy.

Anna loves the ‘sponge effect’ of children; pupils who are prepared to tackle new topics and lap up any new knowledge with energy and enthusiasm. Furthermore, Anna would like to see all Excelr8 Learning students achieve the confidence needed for a life of learning.

GCSE and A-Level English tutors

GCSE and A-Level English Literature and English Language tutoring is provide by Hardwick Cambourne and Cambridge English tutors.

Hardwick, Cambourne and Cambridge Tutoring

Anna manages all Excelr8 Learning Hardwick, Cambourne and Cambridge tutors and the tuition they provide.

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