Dilek Howie Cambridge Maths Tutor

Dilek Howie Cambridge Maths Tutor

Dilek Howie B.Sc., M.Sc., P.G.C.E.
Cambridge Maths Tutor

Dilek Howie Cambridge Maths Tutor is a fully qualified and experienced secondary maths teacher. She has taught maths and computer science in Cambridgeshire schools. She originally gained her PGCE qualification in secondary maths from Cambridge University in 2017.

Dilek strives to build students’ trust in the subject as well as their own abilities. She believes that confidence plays a big role in students’ enjoyment and success in all areas of school and life.

Dilek pays particular attention to each students’ strengths and knowledge gaps. She believes that one-to-one, or small group tuition, gives students the best chance of more individualized learning.


Our initial National Curriculum free assessment offered to all pupils aged 5-16 enables Dilek to accurately pinpoint your child’s strengths and learning gaps. The report we give parents to take home is comprehensive and detailed. All Excerl8 Learning pupils study thir own learning programmes which are designed for their individual learning needs.

After each lessons, Dilek meets with parents to provide valuable feedback on the day’s lesson.

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Dilek’s wider life experience includes her engineering background. Prior to training as a teacher, she worked as a consultant, programmer and web developer in the USA and UK. Dilek uses the analytical thinking skills she acquired from industry in these earlier roles both in the classroom and her personal life.