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Chemistry Tutor – Jowita Brzozowska

Jowita Brzozowska M.Sc., Q.T.S. Chemistry Tutor Cambridge Chemistry Tutor - Jowita Brzozowska is educated to Masters Level with Qualified Teacher Status. Additionally, Jowita is a very experienced teacher of Physics, Chemistry and...
Physics Tutor - Terence Maxwell

Physics Tutor – Terence Maxwell

Terence Maxwell B.Sc, M.Sc. Physics Tutor Cambridge Physics Tutor - Terence Maxwell (Terry) is a highly qualified science tutor with a passion for teaching. His qualifications...
Biology Tutor - Michal Presz

Biology Tutor – Michal Presz

Michal Presz  M.Sc.  P.G.C.C.E Biology Tutor For Cambridge Biology Tutor - Michal Presz, Science has always been his interest and passion. He greatly enjoys sharing his...
Maths Tutor Summer Holidays 2019

Maths Tutor Summer Holidays 2019

Looking for a private tutor for your child aged 5-18 during summer? Look no further. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are available throughout the...
Holiday Maths tutor and English Tutorvideo

Holiday Maths tutor and English Tutor

Maths, English or Science tutoring for your child aged 5-18? Summer Holiday  All class lessons are £25 Holiday Maths tutor and English Tutor & Science Tutor - Our...