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Innovative Hardwick Maths Tutors since 2006

Children arrive for maths tuition for many different reasons. They leave however, having achieved the same thing: significant progress toward a greater comprehension and mastery of maths.

Does your child need extra support with maths?

  • We provide your child with the tools needed to flourish in maths in our thoughtful and caring one-to-one teaching environment.
  • We deliver results that speak for themselves through a combination of individualized learning programmes, quality resources and patient guidance.
Hardwick Maths Tutor
Rachel Mortimer is the Hardwick Centre Manager who leads our team of experienced, qualified tutors.


The first step is a National Curriculum FREE ASSESSMENT. The results enable us to correctly identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. We then devise an individual learning programme to help your child build confidence and achieve greater success.

Easy access near Cambridge

Our experienced and skilled Hardwick Maths Tutors are conveniently located  in Hardwick village on St Neots Road.

Additionally, there is free car parking in front of our building. Cambourne Bus Number 4 stops right outside.

Parent, Mrs Saunders commented…

“We are writing to say a huge thank you for all you have done for our son over the last year. When we first came to see you, Patrick’s self-esteem was low and he had been in a support group for 3 years. Straight away you recognised the need for confidence building. His maths ability grew and, with your help, he moved up a group.”

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