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English is a core subject in which success is vital. For pupils possessing excellent English skills, many doors will open in adult life, which can lead to greater career progress.

However, pupils sometimes need extra support with English to achieve their true potential. Does your child?

Excelr8 Learning’s Hardwick English Tutors provide that support in our encouraging, caring, one-to-one learning environment. What’s more, with our support, your child can build the confidence and skills needed to excel in English.

Cambridgeshire Hardwick English Tutors
Our Hardwick English Tutors encourage pupils to improve their reading, writing and comprehension skills.


The first step is a National Curriculum FREE ASSESSMENT. The results enable us to correctly identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps.

Additionally, we give you a detailed written report to take home – see a sample report.

We then devise an individual learning programme to help your child build confidence and achieve greater success.

Experienced English tutors

Children attend lessons with us for many reasons but leave having achieved one thing in common: significant progress and mastery of English skills. We achieve this through a combination of tailored learning programmes, quality resources and focussed teaching.

Consequently, our results speak for themselves. As a result, since 2006, our Hardwick English tutors have helped the children of our community move confidently ahead in leaps and bounds with their studies.

Most of all, our teachers do their job with a deep sense of responsibility so that your child may thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Traditional paper-based English tuition

Hardwick English Tutors
We augment paper-based writing tasks with the latest technological tools.

We firmly believe that traditional, paper-based activities are essential for learning English skills. Our Hardwick English Tutors work tirelessly to find new ways to assist your child to work confidently in English.

Success in building writing skills means success with spelling, punctuation and grammar, (known as SPaG).  SATs tests, at the end of primary school, measure how well each pupil has progressed with SPaG.  Additionally, SATs tests are an important milestone for pupils.

Overall, the ability to write well-structured, interesting content is essential. This becomes increasingly important in secondary school where the ability to write first-rate essays and reports is crucial. This applies in many subjects including science, history and geography.

Our methods work! We regularly receive confirmation in the form of reports from parents outlining their child’s improved performance.


Mrs Simmons says…

“I thought you would like to know that Saskia has had her Year 6 SATs results and got 4 English, 4 Maths and 5 Science. As I write I’m in tears as I’m so proud of her and I cannot thank you and your team enough for helping Saskia with all the extra work in English… to allow her to achieve these results.”

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