Cambridge Maths tutors and Cambridge tuition

Innovative Cambridge maths tutors that you just won’t find elsewhere

Our Cambridge maths tutors provide a supportive and caring approach to tutoring maths for pupils aged 5-18. We help your child to build confidence, achieve success and fulfil his/her potential. Does your child need extra help with maths?

Our maths tutors are on hand to help at our Cambridge North tuition centre which is conveniently located at Orwell House in Cowley Road, near the A14.  Additionally, there is ample free car parking in front of our building and the Number 2 bus stops nearby.

Cambridge Maths Tutors and Cambridge Tuition

How our maths tutors enable progress

A tutoring session is more than an hour of “repeat after me”.  All our maths tutors understand this to their core.  Consequently, Excelr8 Learning tutors work hard to ensure your child has a firm grasp of the concepts at work, not simply the outcomes.

Parent of Luke aged 15, (Mr Thomas) comments…Just to let you know that Luke  passed his Maths GCSE. Since he had been predicted by the school to fail this vital subject, we really appreciate your help in getting him over the line, which of course, will have massive implications for his future career prospects.

Our maths tutors are:

Attentive –  They know the value of personal interaction. Consequently, our tutors pay close attention to your child throughout every session. Furthermore, our tutors are trained to pick up on behavioural nuances that others might miss that could signal some form of difficulty with the material.

Insightful – They get to the heart of the material. Furthermore, they know the most effective ways to shape their own insights to make them easily understood by your child. Consequently, our tutors build bonds of trust that lead your child to a greater ease with the tutoring process and the material.

Helpful –  First and foremost, we’re here to help your child reach new heights, achieve a greater degree of confidence and maintain a positive school career trajectory. As a result, these benefits lay the groundwork for future success.

Caring – Our tutors are all members of the Cambridge community and are fully invested in the well-being of all the children in our care.

Experienced and qualified teachers

Cambridge Maths Tutors and Cambridge Tuition
Annette Le Sage is an experienced maths tutor at Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North

Great maths tutors are not just great teachers. They shape knowledge into understandable forms using tools such as imagination, exploration and interpretation. Additionally, they are patient, open minded and masters of their chosen field.

Our Cambridge Maths Tutors work tirelessly to find new ways to build understanding and confidence. Most of all they do their job with a deep sense of responsibility.


Cambridge North Tuition Centre (see a map), is locted at 20 Orwell House, Cowley Rd, Cambridge CB4 0PP. Tel: 01223 429923.