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Cambridge English Tutors since 2006

English is one of the most important subjects pupils study at school. Indeed, many more opportunities for career progress will open up in adult life for those who master it.

Our Cambridge English Tutors provide vital support and encouragement. This helps your child to build confidence and become a more successful writer.

Experienced, caring tutors

Cambridge English tutors
Most-of-all, our Cambridge English Tutors are fully invested in the welfare of all our pupils.

Writing for different purposes and audiences

Sound writing skills is essential for success.  So our Cambridge English Tutors teach pupils how to write for many different purposes and audiences. These include fiction (story) writing and non-fiction writing types such as analysis, letters, biography, persuasive writing, explanations and more.

Pupils receive continuous support from their English tutors throughout each lesson.  Moreover, our tutors are continually looking for the best ways of helping each pupil master essential English skills.

A comprehensive English Course

We tailor an individual learning programme for every child.  This can include a mix of any of the important elements of English including:

  • Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar

Next Step?

Book a FREE ASSESSMENT by completing the form on this page. Our assessments are based on the UK National Curriculum. They reveal your child’s strengths and learning gaps.

Additionally, we give you a detailed report to take home. See a sample report

Proven strategies

We believe in the importance of traditional paper-based activities. As a result, we regularly receive positive parental feedback about a child’s improved levels of confidence and success. Our tuition is  highly-focused on individual learning.  Additionally, we understand that greater success comes from growing confidence.

Parent, Mrs Johnson commented… “I would like to express my delight at the excellent after-school English programme that you provide. My (12 year old) daughter Rebecca’s confidence has been boosted and she has come along in leaps and bounds both at school and in her social skills.”

Cambridge North Tuition Centre (see a map), is located at 20 Orwell House, Cowley Rd, Cambridge CB4 0PP. Tel: 01223 429923.

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