Cambridge Tutors – What students say, video

I’m Ev and I’ve been here at Excelr8 for 9 years, since Year 2. Excelr8 Learning has enhanced what I’velearned in school by adding extra detail to what I’ve already learned there. So that’s meant when it comes to answering tests whether it be here or in school I’ve got that extra level of detail that I can use in my answers. Excelr8 Learning’s techniques have backed up what I’ve learned in school and so therefore it works hand-in-hand and doesn’t contradict what I learn in school and therefore makes sure that  I progress at a faster rate rather than at a slower di&erent route.

Excelr8 has helped me quite a lot, especially when it comes to improving my grades and that’s from primary school, including secondary school and I hope also A Levels as well. I think that Excelr8 has changed my learning a(tude in that it makes me more ac)ve in my approach to learning instead of taking work from teachers I decide to do the work myself as a result of receiving all this support. I think it has because it’s made me quite more engaged with what I do and from that I’ve been able to enhance what I know. The tools that Excelr8 have given me has made me quite enthusias)c both inside the classroom and outside the classroom and it’s made quite a good future ambi)on for myself.

When I was younger and I was doing classroom learning I think one aspect that helped was the independence to my learning because it was my own and then the teachers would come to back me up whenever it was needed.

I do think the teachers are skilled because they show by their level of exper)se in what they teach us. It’s made quite evident by the work that they set us and the worksheets they make themselves.

I think Excelr8 did challenge me because personally if I’m not challenged I feel quite bored but actually I’ve been quite interested with everything I’ve learned here and that’s because I’m being challenged and so I think I have been pushed and that’s good because it’s made sure that although not too quickly, I am learning at a good pace.

One aspect that I would recommend is the one-to-one support that is being o&ered because some students really want to make sure that they’re constantly being monitored to make sure that what they’re doing is right before they move on. And so, I think that will help them in one way. And if that’s not what they want then I think that it’s probably the tailor made lessons that are designed by the teachers here.