Cambourne Maths Tutors

Cambourne maths tutors you can rely on

Excelr8 Learning has provided expert maths tutoring for Cambourne pupils since 2006 at our Hardwick tuition centre.

The face-to-face support of our experienced maths tutors takes the pressure away.  Your child is in capable, caring hands.

Our tuition centre is just a few minutes’ drive away at Hardwick village on St Neots Road.  There is free car parking in front of our building. Also, Cambourne Number 4 bus stops right outside. (see a map)

Helping Cambourne pupils master maths

Cambourne maths tutors
We give you a free assessment report to take home.

Maths is a core subject essential for many careers today. Mastery of this core subject will help your child open many doors in adult life. Consequently, possessing excellent maths skills is an essential part of school success.

Thankfully, Excelr8 Learning’s Cambourne Maths Tutors are on hand to provide expert maths tutoring for pupils aged 5-18.

Our tutors draw on resources from the appropriate stage of the National Curriculum, thus ensuring your child’s lessons are always relevant and appropriate.

Step 1: Book a FREE Assessment

The initial free assessment is based on the UK national Curriculum. It identifies your child’s strengths and learning gaps. Additionally, we give you a detailed report to take home. See a sample report.

Excelr8 Learning takes the worry out of maths tuition

Cambourne maths tutors
Cambourne maths tutors tailor a programme of study that meets your child’s learning needs.

Excelr8 Learning is a local Cambridge service, begun at Hardwick in 2006, not a tiny part of a faceless, multinational conglomerate.

Rather, we are a reservoir of maths skills working within the Cambourne community to better the lives of local children.

Knowledge and information is transferred via the power of thoughtful, patient, human interaction.

Working closely with parents

Our teachers work closely with you to ensure the lessons are focused on your requirements for the private tuition. After all, nobody knows your child better than you do. Furthermore, you can have as much or as little input as you prefer into the subject matter your child is taught.

Parent, Mr Gundry says…   “My son and daughter have been attending Excelr8 in Hardwick for a couple of years now. Over that time, we have seen a significant improvement in both their grasp of maths and English, and their appetite for learning. This has built their confidence, and from being middle achievers, they are now both performing well above expected standards, as assessed by their respective schools…”

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