Cambourne English Tutors

Skillful English tutors guide your child’s progress

English is a core skill that underpins virtually every school subject. Consequently, it is essential your child is confident with all the key elements of English including writing, reading and reading comprehension. Does your child need some extra support?

Thankfully, Excelr8 Learning is on hand. Our experienced and skilled English tutors are located a few short minutes away at Hardwick where we provide expert English tutoring for pupils aged 5-18. (see a map)

Many elements of English to master

Cambourne English Tutors and Cambridge Tuition
Our tutors emphasis paper and pencil tasks to build each pupil’s confidence and improve vital writing skills.

They used to be known as the 3 Rs, meaning Reading (w)Riting and (a)Rithmetic. In fact the 3 Rs remain the key to every pupil’s success just as much today as they ever did.

In primary school, part of the focus of English (literacy) is on the basics known as SPAG – spelling, punctuation and grammar. The annual Year 6 SATs tests discover how well each child has progressed.  Consequently, for primary school pupils, SATs tests are an important milestone.

In secondary school, pupils extend their writing skills as they are expected to have mastered most of the basics in primary school. What’s more, the GCSE is the focus. Sound English skills help ensure pupils can write first-rate essays and reports in many subjects such as science, history, geography.

Expert English tuition you can rely on

Cambourne English Tutors and Cambridge Tuition
Cambourne parents appreciate the expert advice of our experienced English tutors

Cambourne pupils have received expert English tutoring at our Hardwick tuition centre since 2006. The face-to-face support of our experienced tutors takes the pressure away. You child is in capable, caring hands.

Firstly, we accurately analyse your child’s strengths and weaknesses in English using our comprehensive National Curriculum English Assessments. Following this, our tutors create a tailored learning programme just for your child. Moreover, your initial free assessment includes a detailed report to take home. (See sample report)

We work to improve your child’s long-term retention of skills and information. More than that, we design your child’s learning programme to ensure rapid progress.

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