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Cambridgeshire maths tutors deliver results!
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Families request Cambridgeshire maths tutors for many reasons  including preparing for:

  • SATs
  • GCSEs
  • A Levels
  • Simply for when a little extra help is needed

Whatever your reasons are for considering a private tutor for your child, our Cambridge maths tutors are on hand to help.


To help identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps we provide a FREE National Curriculum assessments.

We give you a detailed written report to take home. (See sample report)

We devise an individual learning plan for every pupil. Before lessons begin, we agree the programme of study with you. Then, after every lesson, we meet with you for a short feedback session  so you know exactly what your child is studying and how she/he is getting on.

We will adjust the programme at any time, if necessary, or if you ask us to focus on particular topics.

What parents think of our Cambridgeshire maths tutors

We are here to help your child increase confidence and achieve to the best of her/his ability. Read our reviews by  other parents.

Other subjects

We also provide English tutors, science tutors, German Language tutors, French Language tutors, Spanish Language tutors, Latin Tutors and tutors for most other subjects. If you are seeking a private tutor, we welcome your enquiry on 01223 429923. Or use the contact form on our website and we will call you back.

Ways to get in touch with us:

  1. Phone us: 01223 429923
  2. Alternative number: 01954 211888
  3. email us:
  4. Apply for a Free Assessment
  5. Use our contact form

Our Cambridgeshire maths tutors will make that difference you are looking for to help move your child’s education forward, confidently and positively. We look forward to hearing from you.