Cambridge Tutors

Our team of experienced Cambridge tutors

Excelr8 Learning has provided a trusted private tutoring service since 2006.  Our tutors are carefully selected based on the following 3 main factors:

  1. Qualifications –  All our tutors possess professional qualifications.  Consequently, this ensures we maintain the high-quality tuition services that our Cambridge families expect.
  2. Experience – We require our tutors to have many years of relevant experience. As a result, they have the skills and knowledge needed to support your child’s education.
  3. Personal motivation – Each Excelr8 Learning tutor is a committed and caring professional you can trust to help your child. We’re all stayers. Here for the long-run. You can count on us.


Anna Crown - Cambridge English Tutor

Anna Crown

Anna Crown is the Head Tutor of Excelr8 Learning and manages the learning programmes. During her 27 year school teaching career, Anna held many senior posts. These included Assistant Head Teacher of a large secondary school in Essex. Additionally, as an English specialist, Anna was head of the English Faculty.  She was also an AST – Advanced Skills Teacher and in that role was responsible for the training and support of many other teachers. Anna’s significant teaching and training experience enables her to lead and manage Excelr8 Learning’s team of Cambridge tutors. Furthermore, she always strives to ensure the highest standards of tuition are maintained.

Denby liddelow - Cambridge maths tutor

Denby Liddelow

Denby Liddelow is the founder and Managing Director of Excelr8 Learning (UK) Limited following an international teaching career that commenced in 1978. With over 20 years’ relevant experience in the field of after-school private tuition, Denby developed the Excelr8 Learning private tutoring system. Additionally he established the Excelr8 Learning Cambridge tuition centres. His vision is to provide high-quality and effective supplementary tuition to enable as many children as possible to benefit from this unique form of private tutoring.

Ania Ekiert - Cambridge maths tutor

Ania Ekiert

Ania Ekiert manages Excelr8 Learning North Cambridge, having joined Excelr8 Learning in 2010. She enjoys working with all our students because of the freedom our tutors have to plan and teach children according to each child’s individual learning needs. Additionally, with international teaching experience, Ania’s particular expertise is in tutoring maths, reading and writing. Excelr8 Learning’s mission is to provide the best quality private tuition suited to each pupil’s learning needs and Ania enjoys leading our team of North Cambridge tutors at Orwell House.

Gillian Davison - Cambridge English Tutor

Gillian Davison

Gillian Davison joined Excelr8 Learning in 2015 following a ten year career working in Cambridgeshire primary schools. She is also an experienced adult literacy and numeracy teacher. Her wide experience also extends to secondary school pupils. As part of her degree studies, Gillian taught English in a French secondary school for an academic year, an experience she found most enjoyable. Gillian has been an important contributor to the development of original teaching resources. Being able to help each child fulfil his or her potential is something Gillian especially enjoys.

Rachel Mortimer - maths tutor

Rachel Mortimer

Rachel Mortimer manages Excelr8 Learning Hardwick where her mathematics degree and experience enables her to provide maths tuition to pupils of all ages up to A Level. Most recently, Rachel implemented both maths and literacy programmes whilst working in a specialist Cambridgeshire independent school, prior to joining Excelr8 Learning in 2015.  She has a particular interest in the field of special educational needs. Rachel strongly believes that every child and their learning is unique! Outside of school and tutoring at Excelr8 Learning, Rachel runs after school clubs as well as a Brownie unit.

Jowita Brzozowska Cambridge maths tutor
Jowita Brzozowska Cambridge maths tutor
Jowita Brzozowska

Jowita Brzozowska is educated to Masters Level and is an experienced teacher with Qualified Teacher Status who has worked in Cambridgeshire secondary schools for many years. Her excellent mathematical, science and physics skills enable her to teach these subjects up to the most advanced levels. Prior to breaking her full-time teaching career to bring up her family, Jowita received specific training and gained experience working with students with specific learning needs. She finds working with students on a one-to-one basis or in small groups very rewarding. Jowita adapts her teaching methods in order to enable her students to reach their maximum potential.

Annette Le Sage - Cambridge maths tutor

Annette Le Sage

Annette Le Sage has wide teaching experience, having worked extensively with both children and adults in the UK and internationally. She has taught in a range of settings including Pre-School, Primary School, Secondary School, University, Companies and Community Classes in the UK, Poland and Japan. Annette has also worked as a private English and Maths Tutor in the UK.  Educated to Masters level, Annette also holds a PGCE, a CELTA, a CELTYL, a PGDip in Art Psychotherapy and a MSc in Computing and IT.  Annette is committed to focussing on the needs of individual children at Excelr8 Learning.

Pooja Kakkar Cambridge maths tutor

Pooja Kakkar

Pooja possesses both commerce and education degrees. Her teaching career includes many years in secondary schools in India. Additionally, Pooja has worked as an independent tutor for Hindi language. During the four years  Pooja lived in California, she obtained her MBA degree, before moving to Cambridge with her family in 2009.  She joined Excelr8 Learning in 2014 in the role of Office Manager and enjoys working with our team of Cambridge tutors and looking after all of our valued familes.

Sayantani Neogi Cambridge maths tutor

Sayantani Neogi

Sayantani  Neogi (known as Manti) is a doctorate from the University of Cambridge with a passion for teaching. Additionally, she has taught internationally for the last 15 years, including the last 7 years in the UK. Manti finds imparting knowledge to be extremely satisfactory. Furthermore, through her teaching experience, Manti has gained an understanding of working with students with specific learning needs. She is comfortable working with students of any age and can adapt her teaching methods very quickly according to the needs of her students.

Colin Simpson Cambridge English tutor

Colin Simpson

Born in Manchester and brought up in London, Colin was educated in both state and independent schools before graduating to Cambridge University where he obtained an honours degree in English. After three years in journalism he qualified as a teacher with a PGCE from Exeter University before spending a year in Libya teaching English as a foreign language. There followed 14 years in a state sixth form college in Yorkshire (broken by a one-year sabbatical he spent travelling round the world, including three months back in journalism, this time in Australia) before he switched to the independent sector, teaching English and Latin in both preparatory and secondary schools, latterly in Kenya. Since returning to the UK in late 2014 he has focused on tuition. His hobbies and interests include acting, reading, bridge, movies and sw

Lisa Hunt Cambridge Maths tutor

Lisa Hunt

Lisa got her first taste-and love- of teaching during a year abroad for her French Degree, where she worked in a Normandy High School as the Resident English Language Assistant. After completing her studies, she trained in EFL and worked in this area with both adults and younger learners in Spain, Greece and Singapore. Lisa has also worked in Secondary and Higher Education teaching languages, and for the last 9 years has been working in a primary school, supporting Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children in all areas of their studies and school life. Lisa loves all aspects of the curriculum…but especially English Grammar and Etymology !