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Our team of experienced Cambridge tutors

Excelr8 Learning has provided a trusted private tutoring service since 2006.  Our tutors are carefully selected based on the following 3 main factors:

  1. Qualifications –  All our tutors possess professional qualifications.  Consequently, this ensures we maintain the high-quality tuition services that our Cambridge families expect.
  2. Experience – We require our tutors to have many years of relevant experience. As a result, they have the skills and knowledge needed to support your child’s education.
  3. Personal motivation – Each Excelr8 Learning tutor is a committed and caring professional you can trust to help your child. We are here for the long-run. You can count on us.


Anna Crown - Cambridge English Tutor

Anna Crown

Anna Crown is the Head Tutor of Excelr8 Learning and manages the learning programmes. During her 27 year school teaching career, Anna held many senior posts, including Assistant Head Teacher of a large secondary school in Essex. Anna was head of the English Faculty and an AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) and in that role was responsible for the training and support of many other teachers. Anna’s significant teaching and training experience enables her to lead and manage Excelr8 Learning’s team of Cambridge tutors to ensure the highest standards of tuition are maintained.

Denby liddelow - Cambridge maths tutor

Denby Liddelow

Denby Liddelow is the founder and Managing Director of Excelr8 Learning (UK) Limited following an international teaching career that commenced in 1978. With over 20 years’ relevant experience in the field of after-school private tuition, Denby developed the Excelr8 Learning private tutoring system. Additionally he established the Excelr8 Learning Cambridge tuition centres. His vision is to provide high-quality and effective supplementary tuition to enable as many children as possible to benefit from this unique form of private tutoring.

Ania Ekiert - Cambridge maths tutor

Ania Ekiert

Ania tutors maths, reading and writing to GCSE Level as well as managing the Cambridge North team.  She is a stickler for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.. Read More

Gillian Davison - Cambridge English Tutor

Gillian Davison

Gillian feels that Excelr8 Learning provides a calm and friendly learning environment for children of all ages. This allows tutors to individualise learning for each child, ensuring they feel comfortable asking questions….Read More

Rachel Mortimer - maths tutor

Rachel Mortimer

My specialisation is in providing a tailor made learning package for students that both meets their needs and that of the onerous National Curriculum.  To me, education should be fun, exciting and revealing….Read More

Cambridge science tutor

Jowita Brzozowska

Jowita is educated to Masters Level and is an experienced teacher and Cambridge science tutor. Moreover, she has worked in Cambridgeshire secondary schools for many years…. Read More

Annette Le Sage - Cambridge maths tutor

Annette Le Sage

Annette has worked extensively with both children and adults in the UK and abroad. Additionally, Annette has taught in a range of settings…. Read More

Pooja Kakkar Cambridge maths tutor

Pooja Kakkar

Pooja possesses both commerce and education degrees. Her teaching career includes many years in secondary schools in India and she obtained her MBA in California…Read More

Sayantani Neogi Cambridge maths tutor

Sayantani (Manti)  Neogi

Manti has been teaching internationally for the last 15 years, including the last 8 years in the UK. She is a Doctorate from the University of Cambridge…. Read More

Colin Simpson Cambridge English tutor

Colin Simpson

Colin spent three years as a newspaper journalist and more than thirty years as a teacher, specialising in English, Latin, Drama and Film Studies…. read more

Cambridge maths tutor and English tutor

Daryl Corlito

Daryl entered the teaching profession after taking her PGCE at Homerton College, Cambridge. Since then, she has taught for over 20 years in Cambridge. … Read more

Giovanni Berzuini

With advanced maths skills, plus being a native trilingual speaker (English, Spanish, Italian) and accomplished musician, Gio is ready to help your child achieve success at all levels from KS1 to KS5…… Read More

Huntingdon maths tutor

Kieron Fraser

A qualified pharmacist, Kieron prefers to follow his first love: teaching. Currently working in a Cambridgeshire secondary school, Kieron tutors science for pupils aged 5-18…..  Read More

Huntingdon English Tutor

I hope always to impart my enjoyment of English and its many connections to the wider world of education, culture and life to my students, no matter their age or ability….Read More