Cambridge tutors provide individual learning programmes

Cambridge tutors provide Individual Learning programmes

Cambridge tutors provide individual learning programmes
in maths, English, science and more
for ages 5-18
7 days a week.

Step 1:

Your child completes our Free National Curriculum Assessment that accurately identifies his/her strengths and learning gaps.

Step 2:

We give you a detailed report to take home that contains far more information than the typical school report. (See sample report)

Step 3:

Our tutors then create a tailored learning programme that exactly matches your child’s individual learning needs.

Step 4:

We enrol your child into either one of our classes or for 1-2-1 tuition at your chosen tuition centre. Your child then studies his/her own individual learning programme.

Step 5:

Our tutors provide detailed feedback to you after each lesson. We listen, we take note, we respond. We always keep you fully up-to-date with how your child is progressing including further free assessments if necessary to confirm that progress has been made.

Next Step?

Book a free assessment today without obligation. Simply complete the form on this page and we will contact your shortly to arrange a suitable day to bring your child to our tutoring centre for the free assessment.