Cambridge tutors – Face to face teaching

Cambridge tutors - Face to face teaching

Cambridge tutors – Face to face teaching

The value of personal relationships between tutors, pupils and parents

Routines are important

The weekly visit to Excelr8 Learning becomes part of your child’s routines. It’s predictable. It’s consistent. Our familiar, caring faces reassure.

Overcoming learning blocks

Nothing beats the immediate support from a trusted, familiar teacher who is right there to reassure and guide. Confidence soon grows as learning blocks are pushed aside.

Over the shoulder immediate support

Our students merely have to look towards the teacher who is straight there to help. No need for embarrassing hands-up. No drawing attention to yourself in a class of competitive classmates.

Great for parents too!

Parents only want the best for their child. Understanding that important fact, our teachers meet with you after every lesson, to keep you informed. We listen to your concerns. We take note and work towards finding solutions that work for your child.

No automated software systems

With Excelr8 Learning teachers it’s all about face-to-face human interaction.Our professional maths tutors and English tutors genuinely strive to do the best they can for your child.

We’re always here

Our staff are stayers, just like many of our pupils who have been attending lessons with us for years. We are here every week when you need us. You can rely on us.


Next step?

Is your child in need of a boost?  The first step is an initial FREE ASSESSMENT. Call us now on 01223 429923 or complete the FREE ASSESSMENT form and find out how we can help your child.