Face to face teaching

The value of personal relationships between tutors, pupils and parents

1. Building confidence – Our tutors understand the importance of building your child’s confidence. Furthermore, that reassuring comment is only possible with face to face teaching and is an essential ingredient in your child’s success.

2. Support and encouragementOur experienced teachers know immediately how to offer reassurance and encouragement. Additionally, all pupils benefit from being praised when prasie is genuinely earned. That on the spot support is an important factor in building greater levels of confidence.

3. Immediate personal response –  Our tutors are there on the spot to modify and adjust your child’s learning programme, as often as necessary.  By comparison, automated online programmes can never respond in a personal way to your child’s needs.

4. Professional advice – The professional advice of a qualified teacher, based on years of training and experience cannot be beaten.  Consequently, the teacher is able to identify the best possible strategies to help your child move forward and achieve his/her potential.

5. Tailored learning programme – All our tutors use Excelr8 Learning National Curriculum assessments.  These correctly identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. As a result, our tutors are able to tailor your child’s learning programme exactly to his/her learning needs.