Cambridge south maths tutor

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Cambridge south maths tutor

Giovanni Berzuini
Cambridge south maths tutor

Gio’s qualifications

Gio is an experienced teacher and private tutor of maths.  He graduated with a B.Sc. in Mathematics and proceeded to complete a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics with a focus on Crime Science and Epidemiology.  He believes that in any discipline, a deep and thorough understanding of the basics is what allows the learner to confidently navigate the complexities of the more advanced topics.

Additionally,  and most importantly, Gio believes these factors are the key to developing enthusiasm and passion for the subject.

An experienced Italian Language Tutor

In addition to being an experienced maths tutor, Gio provides private tutoring in Italian.  He is a native trilingual speaker as a result of having Spanish and Italian parents.

Furthermore, as an experienced teacher, Gio has the skills and the determination to help each pupil improve and master the language.

In addition to Italian language tuition,  Gio is a Spanish Language Tutor and a teacher of ESL,  English,  music and mathematics.

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