Cambridge South Maths Tutor

Cambridge South Maths Tutor

Giovanni Berzuini
Excelr8 Learning South Cambridge maths tutor

Gio’s pathway to education

Originally I  graduated with a BSc. in mathematics. Later I went on to complete a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics with a focus on Crime Science and Epidemiology. As well as my tutoring work, I am currently involved in research, co-writing a medical book chapter on Causal Analysis with members of Manchester and Cambridge University.

Tutoring Maths at Excelr8 Learning

Having begun my teaching and tutoring career in 2010, I have since worked both as a teacher and additionally as a private tutor with Excelr8 Learning.

I have a passionate approach to teaching. I believe good teaching consists of explaining possibly complicated concepts in a clear manner and making use of basic principles.

My natural tendency is to help pupils to explore conceptual aspects of learning in depth.  As a result pupils gain a stronger understanding of the topic. This is only possible if the teacher himself has deeply understood the concepts in question.

Furthermore, being passionate about what you teach is a way of developing students’ enthusiasm with regards to the subject, which provides the motivation needed to succeed.

Tutoring maths at Excelr8 Learning

With my masters and teaching experience, I am able to tutor maths at all levels from KS1 – KS5.

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If you would like to arrange for me to carry out a FREE National Curriculum assessment for your child, please click here and follow the link.

Then, after discussing the results with you, I will create a suitable learning plan for your child. I will also give you a detailed report to take hom

Other subjects


In addition to maths I provide tuition in Literacy at KS1 and KS2 Levels.

Tutoring other languages:

Being a native trilingual speaker, I also provide tuition in:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • ESL English


Being a musician, I also provide tuition in music.

The key to success

I believe that in any discipline, a deep and thorough understanding of the basics is what allows the learner to confidently navigate the complexities of the more advanced topics. Additionally, and most importantly, this is the key to developing enthusiasm and passion for the subject.