Physics Tutor – Terence Maxwell

Physics Tutor - Terence Maxwell

Terence Maxwell B.Sc, M.Sc.
Physics Tutor

Cambridge Physics Tutor – Terence Maxwell (Terry) is a highly qualified science tutor with a passion for teaching. His qualifications include a B.Sc. (Hons) in Astrophysics and a M.Sc. in Science Communication. Terry is working towards a M.St. in History at the University of Cambridge at present.  Additionally, he is  employed at the Stephen Perse Foundation.

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Engaging Pupils

Terry strives to ensure his lessons are engaging. In a previous post, his students had been expelled from school or couldn’t attend for medical reasons . Consequently, Terry had to think outside the box to keep students interested in physics. He developed a range of games and resources to achieve this goal. Furthermore, these strategies helped students understand and engage with the topics more effectively.

Terry  is also available to tutor basic coding. He helps students (primary and early secondary) get to grips with two programming languages: Scratch & Swift.

Experienced Physics Tutor

Terry tutored Physics and History-for-Science at Queens University (Belfast). Additionally, he ran a number of highly successful courses that included: Introductory Physics, The Historical Development of Science and Scientific Knowledge, Archeoastronomy & Introduction to Astrobiology.

Chemistry, Biology and Maths

Cambridge Physics Tutor – Terence Maxwell also provides expert tutoring in Chemistry and Biology. Additionally, Terry provides maths tuition for pupils working towards the GCSE.

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