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Keep your child’s mind active

Avoid your child falling behind. Stay engaged and involved in learning during these uncertain times.

Excelr8 Learning, Cambridge online Maths, English, Science (and more) tutors are experienced, qualified teachers. We continue to provide children with the best possible private tuition online face-to-face or online during this school closure period.

✔️ We have only experienced and qualified tutors who are properly vetted and trained to do a professional job online.

Free Online Assessment:

Our assessments are based on the National Curriculum and are currently offered for Maths and English covering school years 1-11. Assessments quickly identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Parents get much more detail from the report about their child’s progress than schools usually provide. We give you a free detailed, comprehensive report:

Our professional tutors then develop an individual learning plan for your child to ensure he/she does not fall behind but rather improves, overcomes gaps, builds confidence and achieves greater success after the health crisis.

Parents get regular professional feedback from the teachers about their child’s progress.

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Individual Programme:

  • Overcome learning gaps and catch up.
  • Avoid the “school closure learning loss”.
  • Prepare for a resit.
  • Study for Entrance Exams.
  • Work towards SATs, GCSE and A Levels.

Tuition for:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

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Qualified, Experienced & Trusted Tutors Since 2006:

Our Highly recommended, expert tutors provide online 1-to-1 classes and give you the exact steps to help your child achieve better school success.

We are here for you 7 days a week.

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✔️ One-to-one – YES
✔️ Maths, English, Science, more – YES

Here’s What Parents & Students Are Saying About Excelr8 Learning:

We Provide Continuity & Certainty:

Excelr8 Learning tutors provide pupils with a deeper learning experience than school alone can offer. Parents get a professional service by qualified experienced teachers from an established tutoring organisation they can trust.

✔️ Pupils enjoy the close attention of their tutors
✔️ Pupils receive individual learning support
✔️ Tutors find real and individual solutions for each pupil
✔️ Tutors work closely with parents and respond to their concerns
✔️ Parents value the high-quality tutoring
✔️ Reliable 7-day service
✔️ Highly-professional and friendly approach

Our tutors are enthusiastic and approachable. Their personal encouragement motivates pupils to achieve higher levels of understanding, knowledge, and skills.

We provide face-to-face tuition at our 2 Cambridge tuition centres and online tuition during the crisis.

How We Communicate With You:

We ensure parents are brought along on their child’s journey.

After every lesson, we provide parents with feedback about the day’s lesson. This ensures you are always well-informed.

It also enables you to ask the teacher to cover specific topics or alter the lesson focus or any other matters of concern to you.

We are here to help you meet your objectives for your child’s lessons.

At Excelr8 Learning, we aim to thrive a curiosity and keenness for learning in every child.

Give your child the confidence and insights they need to improve their grades.

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