Cambridge Maths Tutors

Trusted Cambridge Maths Tutors since 2006

Excelr8 Learning’s Cambridge North Maths Tutors provide a dedicated tutoring service for Cambridgeshire families. Additionally, we are open 7 days a week. Tuition is available for ages 5-18.

The supportive and caring approach our tutors provide enables your child to build confidence, achieve success and fulfill his/her potential.

Cambridge Maths Tutors
Ania Ekiert – Centre Manager and experienced maths tutor for ages 5-16

Cambridge Maths tutors for all ages

•    Primary school (KS1 and KS2)
•    SATs Preparation
•    GCSE Preparation
•    A-Level
•    Entrance exams

Maths tutors for all abilities

Cambridge Maths Tutors
Annette Le Sage – highly-qualified maths tutor supporting Cambridge pupils with Excelr8 Learning since 2014.

First and foremost, we’re here to help your child reach new heights, achieve a greater degree of confidence and maintain a positive school career trajectory.

•    Does your child needs a boost?
•    Is your child working towards the GCSE or SATs or A Level?



Cambridge maths tutors
Daryl Corlito – experienced maths tutor for ages 5-16. Daryl taught in Cambridge schools for over 20 years.First Step?



We provide an initial National Curriculum FREE ASSESSMENT completely without obligation. This is because we understand how important it is for you to find the most suitable learning environment for your child.

A detailed report is provided for you to take home – see a sample Report   The report contains far more information than is generally found in the typical school report. Call us now on 01223 429923 or complete the FREE ASSESSMENT form  and find out how we can help your child.

A parent’s comment

Parent of Luke aged 15, (Mr Thomas) comments…Just to let you know that Luke  passed his Maths GCSE. Since he had been predicted by the school to fail this vital subject, we really appreciate your help in getting him over the line, which of course, will have massive implications for his future career prospects.

Our experienced Cambridge maths tutors will help your child lay the groundwork for future success.

Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North Tuition Centre (see a map), is located at 20 Orwell House, Cowley Rd, Cambridge CB4 0PP. Tel: 01223 429923.


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