Boyd Myers – Qualified Teacher

Cambridge Maths Tutor Boyd Myers

Boyd Myers B.Sc., P.G.C.E
Maths Tutor
Geography Tutor

Cambridge Maths Tutor Boyd Myers is a highly qualified teacher with more than 20 years’ experience of teaching. Most recently he worked at Longsands Academy where he specialised in tutoring Maths to GCSE level. He has tutored hundreds of pupils helping them to build confidence and achieve their potential.

Tutoring Maths at Excelr8 Learning Hardwick

Boyd has an extremely varied teaching experience which greatly enhances the tuition he can provide Excelr8 Learning pupils. He has worked in both the state and public sectors of education including secondary schools in London, Kent and Cambridgeshire. Boyd is committed to focussing on the needs of children and developing their potential. He is excited to be working at Excelr8 Learning as our centres provide programmes tailored to each child’s specific requirements.

Cambridge Maths Tutor Boyd Myers

Boyd has been on the Senior Pastoral Team of several schools with responsibility for a team of form tutors. Additionally, he particularly enjoys teaching maths. He likes to encourage children to grow in confidence and resilience to tackle topics they find challenging. Boyd also offers tuition in Geography to GCSE and A-Level.

Building relationships with parents is of particular importance to Boyd. He believes parents have a crucial role to play in enabling their children to fulfill their potential. Moreover, Boyd feels that teaching at Excelr8 Learning allows the opportunity for children to thrive and learn more effectively.

He is happy tо help pupils from a wide ability range whether it be imprоving their subject knоwledge or improving their exаm prаctice аnd technique.

In his spare time, Boyd has also worked as a volunteer Education Officer with Essex Wildlife Trust. In this role he enables primary school children to enjoy pond dipping, bug hunts and bird watching on a nature reserve.

Boyd will be delighted to talk to you about your child’s progress. Please click this link and complete the form.