Maths Tutor – Annette Le Sage

Maths Tutor - Annette Le Sage

Annette Le Sage B.A., M.Sc., P.G.C.E
Maths Tutor

Cambridge Maths Tutor Annette Le Sage is a highly qualified and experienced teacher who specialises in tutoring Maths and English to GCSE level. She has tutored hundreds of Excelr8 Learning pupils over many years helping them to build confidence and achieve their potential.

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Tutoring Maths at Excelr8 Learning Cambridge

Annette holds many qualifications. These include a BA, PGCE, a CELTA and CELTYL, a PGDip in Art Psychotherapy and additionally, Annette recently completed her Masters’ Degree in Computing and IT, in which, for her dissertation project, she created a system to teach algebra to children through interactive animation.

Annette has an extremely varied teaching experience which greatly enhances the tuition she provides Excelr8 Learning pupils. She has worked extensively with both children and adults in the UK and abroad.

Furthermore, Annette has taught in a range of settings including Pre-school, Primary School, Secondary School, University, in a Corporate environment as well as Community Classes in the UK and in international settings in Poland and Japan.

Annette has also worked as an Art Therapist with children and as a Project Manager for Childrens’ Services and Charities.

Annette is committed to focussing on the needs of children and developing their potential. She enjoys tutoring at Excelr8 Learning as our centres provide programmes tailored to each child’s specific requirements.

Additionally, Annette particularly enjoys teaching maths. She likes to encourage children to think logically and problem solve. She enjoys building relationships with children and parents. Moreover, Annette feels that teaching at Excelr8 Learning allows the opportunity for these relationships to help children to thrive and learn more effectively.

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