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tutoring pupils aged 5 to 18

Free Initial Assessment

We offer all interested parents the opportunity to bring their child /children along to us for a free National Curriculum assessment.  It takes about an hour and identifies your child’s learning strengths and gaps.

We then give you a detailed report to take home whether or not you choose to enrol your child with us. Parents greatly value the information our reports provide.

Reports also enables our experienced teachers to develop individual learning programmes for every child.

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Building your child’s Confidence

All tutoring takes place face to face at our 2 conveniently located tuition centres at Cambridge North and Hardwick. Our experienced and qualified tutors strive to help each child build confidence and achieve greater success.

Cambridge Maths English or Science Tutors
for lots of reasons

Our first step is to understand why you are seeking additional help for your child.  Once we understand your expectations and hopes for your child’s educaton, our tutors then devise a learning programme just for your child. There is NO one size fits all approach with us.

We help pupils:

  • overcome learning gaps and catch up.
  • prepare for SATs.
  • work towards GCSE and A Levels.
  • prepare for a resit.
  • study for Entrance Exams.

Cambridge Maths, English or Science Tutors


To make an initial inquiry or to book a Free Assessment please complete the form at this link and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


• Alternatively, please call for more information – term time – Mondays to Thursdays 12:30 to 5:30 or Saturdays 8:30 to 12:30 on either:
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