English Tutor – Pooja Kakkar

English Tutor - Pooja Kakkar

Pooja Kakkar
Operations Manager
English Tutor

Cambridge English Tutor – Pooja Kakkar possesses both commerce and education degrees. Having originally obtained her teaching qualifications in India, Pooja went on to obtain her MBA degree during the four years she lived in California. Pooja is the main link between Excelr8 Learning and our pupils’ families. 

Working with Excelr8 Learning Cambridge pupils and families

Pooja holds several degrees including: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Business Administration and additionally, a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. At Excelr8 Learning, Pooja manages all related administration matters including:

  • arranging enrolments
  • arranging lessons and
  • collecting regular subscriptions fees

Pooja is always ready to help with a replacement lesson or any other matters of concern to any family. She can be contacted via email at: admin@excelr8learning.co.uk or by telephone on 01223 429923.

Pooja is  in a familiar learning environment, being a fully qualified and experienced teacher and English tutor. Consequently, she enjoys the daily interaction with pupils and parents and looking after our valued families.

Pooja taught for many years in secondary schools in India. Additionally, Pooja has worked in the UK as an independent tutor for the Hindi language with additional experience translating English into Hindi.

Pooja is able to provide expert support for Excelr8 Learning teachers as and when necessary as a result of her varied experience and teaching qualifications. Also, Pooja’s other (commercial) experience includes employment with Citi Bank in India and Papworth Trust in Cambridgeshire.

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