English Tutor – Martin Steckelmacher

English Tutor - Martin Steckelmacher

Martin Steckelmacher B.A., M.A., P.G.C.E.
English Tutor

Cambridge English Tutor – Martin Steckelmacher is a multi-skilled, highly experienced teacher of senior English. His wide experience includes teaching in local Cambridge and Suffolk schools, Sixth form Colleges and Further Education colleges.

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GCSE and A Level English Language and English Literature

Martin gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from Bradford University, and a Masters degree from the University of Leeds. Following that, Martin completed his PGCE (Leeds) Then he went on to teach English at GCSE and A Level, as well as Media and Film Studies.

Tutoring SEN Pupils and other core subjects

During his long career, Martin gained additional experience and skills working with students with specific learning needs, in a number of schools. Additionally, Martin’s experience extends to having developed skills in the teaching of other core subjects up to GCSE.

Tutoring English at Excelr8 Learning

Having such a broad range of skills and experience gained at many schools enables Martin to provide outstanding tuition for Excelr8 Learning pupils. He works to carefully understand each pupil’s unique leaning needs. Then he implements strategies aiming to help each child build confidence, improve subject knowledge and skills and become more successful.

Pupils enjoy Martin’s patience and value his experience.

Martin believes that learning should be enjoyable, challenging and fun. He is always patient and encouraging, believing that education can empower students by boosting their confidence and self- esteem. Additionally, Martin enjoys finding new approaches and resources. This helps ensure pupils engage effectively in the learning experience.

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