Biology Tutor – Michal Presz

Biology Tutor - Michal Presz

Michal Presz  M.Sc.  P.G.C.C.E
Biology Tutor

For Cambridge Biology Tutor – Michal Presz, Science has always been his interest and passion. He greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. When tutoring Science, Michal explains concepts based on his personal gained knowledge. He combines this knowledge with his professional experience in laboratory work. This experience spans over 15 years of varied employment and assignments.

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Biology Tutor

Michal’s tutoring experience started 15 years ago when he worked as a tutor to students in Biology, Chemistry and other core subjects. Michal has a good sense of humour and a great deal of experience. This makes his tutoring not only comprehensive but also enjoyable.

Michal has a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Chemical Engineering. Consequently, these qualifications give him great insights into his work as a biology tutor. Additionally, Michal’s professional career in Science at Oxford and Cambridge Universities gave him insights into practical and theoretical aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge gave Michal a good foundation in Chemistry and Physics at higher levels.

Michael’s wide research experience has been undertaken at both Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Tutoring Biology at Excelr8 Learning Hardwick

Cambridge Biology Tutor – Michal Presz’s tutoring calls on his expert knowledge of the sciences together with wide industry experience. This provides great benefits for Michal’s pupils in the personal insights he is able to offer. Cambourne Biology Tutor.

His passion for helping young people achieve their potential ensure’s that Michal’s pupils build confidence, improve skills and knowledge and achieve greater levels of success.

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