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Maths Tutor Cambourne

Excelr8 Learning qualified & experienced teachers
since 2006

Cambourne Maths Tutor for ages 5-18

Private maths tutor you can trust.

Our first Step is a FREE national curriculum assessment to thoroughly identify your child’s strengths and learning gaps. A detailed report is provided for you to keep.

Individual learning programme

We work closely with parents to ensure we provide the most appropriate learning programme for your child. In developing a learning programme, we are guided by the results of your child’s free national curriculum assessment, your child’s school reports and the work you would like us to cover.

Building confidence

Whatever level your child is working at, we will strive to help her/him become more successful and enjoy learning and mastering maths.

Available 7 days a week

With busy schedules and lives, families appreciate our 7 day a week availability.

Flexible tutoring options

We offer a full range of tutoring options including:

  • the small group. The maximum teacher/pupil ratio is 5:1. This format suits most children because they receive all the help they need. The tutor works among the 5 pupils, offering guidance and support as each pupil works on his/her own individual learning programme. This is our most popular and cost-effective format we have offered since 2006. Small Group Lessons are available Monday – Saturday and last 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • one to one. This format suits parents who would rather pay extra for the complete attention of a teacher for the hour-long session. Although for most pupils this format is not essential, we offer one to one tuition 7 days a week. Some pupils require more specialised one to one support and additionally we have teachers experienced with SEN pupils.
  • the micro group. The maximum teacher / pupil ratio is 3:1. This format is available on some days for children who can benefit from this form of tutoring.


We provide discounts that that enable families to benefit from in several ways. By paying for more lessons in advance, we reduce the fees. If your child could benefit from more than 1 lesson a week, additional lessons attract a discount. For families enrolling more than 1 child, there is also a discount available.

Hardwick tutoring centre

Your Cambourne maths tutor will provide the lessons at our long-established tutoring centre, located 5 minutes along the A428 at Hardwick. here we have been supporting Cambourne children since 2006 and have all the resources and facilities necessary to help your child achieve his/her goals and potential.

Step 1

We offer a FREE National Curriculum Assessment. This takes about an hour and will identify your child’s learning gaps. The detailed report we give you to take home will provide much more information than the typical school report. Free Assessments are available most days. You can book online here or telephone personally on 01954 211888 Monday to Thursday 12:30 to 5:30 or Saturday 8:30 to 12:30.