About Us

The Excelr8 Learning story began in 2006 at Hardwick in Cambridgeshire when experienced teacher and life-long educator, Denby Liddelow, opened the doors of the first Excelr8 Learning tutoring centre. He recognised from personal experience and a teaching career begun in 1978, that schools were sometimes unable to satisfy the learning needs of every child, despite best intentions.

Anna Crown soon joined Excelr8 Learning following a career of 30 years in Essex secondary schools. Excelr8 Learning (UK) Limited was set up in 2007 to control and develop Excelr8 Learning tuition centres. The 2 original founders continue to manage, set and maintain the highest possible educational standards of all franchisees and employees of Excel8 Learning.

We provide continuity and certainty

Our teaching team is very stable at Excelr8 Learning. Ania Ekiert for example, Manager of Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North, joined Excelr8 Learning in 2010.

Our longest attending pupil started lessons at Excelr8 Learning way back in 2006 when he was just in Year 2. All these years later, he still regularly attends and was elected Head Boy at Comberton Village College in Year 11. Many other pupils have attended lessons for periods of 4, 5 or 6 years, providing them with a deeper learning experience than school alone can offer.

What Excelr8 Learning offers

Excelr8 Learning tuition centres are places where:

  • teachers have the time and interest to listen to parents’ concerns
  • children receive short or long-term support as needed
  • children work with the same teacher week after week
  • our teachers find real, individual solutions to each pupil’s specific learning needs

How Excelr8 Learning is different to school

Excelr8 Learning is totally different from school. There are very small classes or one-to-one tutoring that enable our teachers to give very focussed attention to your child.

All our teachers are really enthusiastic and approachable. Their encouragement of the students really motivates each one to do their best and ensures a deep desire to attain even higher levels of understanding and knowledge.

Additionally, our teachers are very highly-qualified and bring a lot of experience from many different backgrounds to provide a unique, educational experience for each pupil.

How we communicate with you

You will be much better informed about your child’s progress compared to school. After every lesson we feedback to you what your child has done during that lesson. This feedback enables you to support your child at home and even to let the school know about the extra work your child is doing.

Your child’s specific needs

Our teachers make sure we understand your child’s specific educational needs so we can really give the support that suits best. We use our own tailored, learning programmes that link very closely to the National Curriculum. There’s a lovely atmosphere in the centre. Lessons are fun and children look forward to coming.

What educational need does Excelr8 Learning satisfy?

Put simply, some parents are looking for more options for their children’s education.

Some are not happy with how their child is progressing or believe their child needs more support than the school can provide. Some others recognise their child will need extra help to pass an entrance exam or to achieve top grades in their SATs or GCSE exams. A boost or a challenge – Excelr8 Learning can cover all aspects.

A parent’s comment

“Excel8 Learning has made a huge difference to our child’s progress and her confidence. We see she is just very secure in the subjects she is studying here, which is really comforting, in her preparation for her forthcoming GCSEs. She’s just really enjoying the subjects at school as a result.” (Emma’s mum)

Our face-to-face tutoring is:

  • highly professional
  • totally reliable
  • there for you 7 days a week

Subjects taught:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Modern Languages
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • (and Latin)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Technology
  • Others – please request