About Us

About us – private Maths & English tutors in Cambridge

Excelr8 Learning has provided top quality private tuition for Cambridge children since 2006. Our first tuition centre was established at Hardwick, Cambridge. We followed this in 2010 with Excelr8 Learning Milton and then in 2014 with Excelr8 Learning Cambridge North. We released our National Curriculum Assessment service, called testsforkids.online, in 2016. This marked a further important milestone for Excelr8 Learning.

The personal attention of our tutors

About us teacher engaging a pupil

Our tutors work hard every day to ensure your child feels safe, happy and well-supported. Furthermore, we provide you and your child with a welcoming and comfortable learning environment. Consequently, you will appreciate the personal attention your child receives and value the independent, professional advice our tutors provide.

Following the National Curriculum

Our tutors carefully follow the latest National Curriculum. Additionally, our teachers build an individual learning programme for your child, based on the one hand with the National Curiculum, and on the other hand with our individual assessments. See what our parents say about us.

Confidence: a key ingredient in success

Our positive, encouraging learning environment enables your child to build self-confidence, a key element in achieving success. We strive to assist your child towards higher levels of knowledge and understanding. This ensures he/she achieves the best possible results. Additionally, we encourage your child to excel in his/her new maths and English skills at school and in life.

About us - private Maths & English tutors in Cambridge

Two types of tutoring

1.  Small Group Classes

Children enjoy working in the company of others. Consequently, our popular small group lessons are often the most ideal and cost- effective solution for families. Lessons take an hour and a quarter (75 minutes). Furthermore, our maximum ratio of 5 pupils to 1 tutor ensures your child receives all the help needed throughout each lesson.

2. One-to-One Tuition

Private 1-2-1 tuition is available for your child, if required.  Additionally, if your child has particular learning needs, 1-2-1  tuition may be necessary. Higher level GCSE, A Level and adult students always require one-to one tuition.


Our initial National Curriculum free assessments are a vital part of the service we provide you. Your child’s strengths and learning gap are clearly identified by the assessments.  Additionally, our tutors develop a tailored learning programme just for your child based on the assessments.

A detailed report to take home

We include a detailed report with expert study recommendations for each test.  (See a sample report). Our reports give far greater detail than is usually found in school reports. Parents gain a deeper understanding of their child’s progress and knowledge and are therefore better able to make informed decisions about their child’s future learning.