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Excelr8 Learning – specialists in
face-to face-tutoring and online

The Excelr8 Learning story began in 2006 at Cambridge when we opened the doors of our first tutoring centre. Excelr8 Learning is still owned and managed by the original founders Denby Liddelow and Anna Crown who are determined to ensure very-high tutoring standards are maintained. This ensures every pupil receives the best tuition possible from our highly-experienced tutors.

About Us:Excelr8 Learning Founder - Denby Liddelow
Excelr8 Learning Founder and Managing Director – Denby Liddelow
Excelr8 Learning Director - Anna Crown
Excelr8 Learning Director – Anna Crown









Tutor experience really matters

Excelr8 Learning tutors are all qualified and very experienced. We strive to ensure every child’s lessons are effective and beneficial. We are especially aware of the need to ensure every pupil builds confidence in themselves and their abilities. Working face-to-face with pupils or online, our tutors have the knowledge and skills to make that vital difference. 

Every child’s tailored, learning programme links very closely to the National Curriculum.

We provide continuity and certainty

Excelr8 Learning tutors provide pupils with a deeper learning experience than school alone can offer. Our tutors bring a lot of experience from many different backgrounds to provide a unique, educational experience for each pupil. Consequently, pupils often attend lessons for lengthy periods, sometimes several years. However, please note that short courses are always available. Parents decide on the length of their child’s course.

Pupils enjoy the close attention of their tutors. Parents value the high-quality tutoring, the reliable 7-day service and our highly-professional and friendly approach.

• tutors work closely with parents and respond to their concerns
• pupils like and trust their tutors
• pupils receive individual learning support
• tutors find real, individual solutions for each pupil.

How Excelr8 Learning is different to school

Excelr8 Learning is totally different to school.  Busy school teachers with 30 or more pupils to look after struggle to provide the level of individual support we routinely provide. At our Hardwick Tutoring Centre at Cambridge we offer very small classes (maximum 5:1) or one-to-one tutoring. We also offer Online lessons which are all one-to-one with a choice of 2 lesson formats. Whether face-to-face or online, our tutors give very focused attention to every pupil.

Our tutors are enthusiastic and approachable. Their personal encouragement motivates pupils to achieve higher levels of understanding, knowledge and skills

How we communicate with you

We ensure parents are brought along on their child’s journey. After every lesson, we provide parents with feedback about the day’s lesson. This ensures you are always well-informed. It also enables you to ask the teacher to cover specific topics or alter the lesson focus or any other matters of concern to you. We are here to help you meet your objectives for your child’s lessons.

Excelr8 Learning supports

parents who are looking for more options for their child’s education. There are many reasons why parents seek our services and Excelr8 Learning covers most, including:

• parents who feel their child needs more support than school alone can provide.
• parents who recognise their child needs extra help to pass exams such as: entrance exam, SATs, GCSE or A-Level.
• parents who are simply looking to give their child a boost or a challenge.

Whatever your reasons for seeking extra support for your child, contact us and our experienced teachers will offer you the best advice possible.

A parent’s comment

“Excel8 Learning has made a huge difference to our child’s progress and her confidence. We see she is just very secure in the subjects she is studying here, which is really comforting, in her preparation for her forthcoming GCSEs. She’s just really enjoying the subjects at school as a result.” (Emma’s mum)

Our face-to-face or online tutoring is:

• highly professional
• totally reliable
• there for you 7 days a week