Private Maths Tutoring for Ages 5-18

Cambridge Based Maths Tutors

Confidence is a key factor in achieving success in maths and confidence comes through mastery. Excelr8 Learning’s qualified and experienced tutors use the latest technology, paper-based activities and tactile materials to provide expert private maths tutoring which children enjoy.

Individual Maths Learning Programmes

National Curriculum assessments help us to identify each child’s individual learning needs. Our experienced tutors then develop an individual tutoring programme for each child that targets the specific topics they need to learn. Our private maths tuition is taught by experienced tutors who understand how to help children improve and excel in maths.

Private Maths Tuition for:

• Reception and Key Stage 1
• Key Stage 2
• Keys Stage 3
• Key Stage 4
• AS Level
• A Level
• Adult

Tutoring Maths

In maths, learners must master each skill in order to progress proficiently to the next, more advanced skill. When this incremental learning is not achieved, gaps in mathematical knowledge can occur which may compromise the learner’s mathematical development. Excelr8 Learning’s dedicated maths tutors help learners avoid those learning gaps and achieve success.

The work we provide relates to the student’s progress in maths. This ensures the private maths tuition provided is unique to each student’s individual learning needs.

Fully qualified maths tutors provide expert private maths tuition

Expert private maths tuition with fully qualified and experienced maths tutors

Excelr8 Learning maths tutors:

• stretch able students
• support children who are struggling with maths and need a helping hand
• coach for entrance exams
• prepare students for SATs exams
• provide specialised maths tuition for advanced GCSE and A Level

An Excelr8 Learning student: “I’ve learned my 6 and 7 times tables in 3 weeks… I think everyone should go to Excelr8 instead of going to school!” Toby Aged 12

Private maths tuition that children enjoy!

Our engaging and stimulating maths lessons are designed to build interest and confidence:

• with experienced maths tutors who provide interesting and challenging lessons (no tedious worksheets schemes)
• using up-to-date technology
• with specialised maths tuition for advanced students
• helping children to progress at their own pace

To meet the teachers and find out how our private maths tuition can help your child improve and excel at maths, please complete the Free Trial form below or call your nearest Excelr8 Learning centre today.

Maths tuition with fully qualified & experienced teachers

by Anna Crown

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