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Private Maths Tuition and Private English Tuition – that works!


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At Excelr8 Learning, our fully qualified, caring and experienced teachers provide a welcoming and comfortable learning environment. Students feel safe, happy and well-supported. Parents appreciate the personal attention their children receive and value the independent, professional advice we give at all times. We believe that CONFIDENCE builds SUCCESS and greater success builds even greater confidence. Excelr8 Learning students are inspired to do their best and quickly build the confidence needed to achieve and succeed.


Small Group Classes

Children enjoy working in the company of others and our popular small group lessons are often the ideal and most cost-effective solution. They last for an hour and a quarter and have a maximum of 5 children working with 1 tutor.

One-to-One Tuition

Private 1-2-1 tuition is arranged by the hour. Although suitable for any student, 1-2-1 tuition is sometimes necessary if a child has particular learning needs requiring constant and signification input by the tutor throughout the lesson. AS, A Level, IELTS and adult students always require one-to one maths & English tuition.

Our Mission


Our positive, encouraging learning environment helps each student to feel confident and to have self-belief – key elements in achieving success.


We strive to assist each student towards higher levels of knowledge and understanding in all aspects of their work in order to achieve the best results of which they are capable.


We encourage every student to develop and excel in their new Maths and English skills in their school career and in life.

Helping your children reach their full potential

There are many areas in which your children may need your help and support as they mature but we believe that one of the most important is their education.

For dedicated parents who truly want their children to reach their full potential in life, ensuring they have every opportunity to excel while they are in full-time education can make a huge difference.

  • Face to face private tuition
  • Tailored learning programmes
  • Experienced, caring teachers
  • Small-group or 1-2-1 tuition
  • Catering for all abilities aged 5-18
  • When a little extra help is needed
  • SATs test preparation
  • GCSE exam preparation
  • A Level exam preparation
  • Entrance exam preparation
  • 11+ coaching for independent schools

Comfortable tuition centres with skilled teachers

help with maths

We provide every child who comes to Excelr8 Learning with the highest quality face to face maths & English tuition possible and we do our job with pride and dedication.

Excelr8 Learning operates a safe, comfortable, fun and fully equipped private tuition service in Cambridge.

We are a vital part of the community and deeply invested in the well being and success of the children entrusted to us.

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Our Teachers

Our tutors are all qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential

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Individual Learning

A tailored, study programme is created for every student based on their individual learning needs

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Face to Face Teaching

The personal relationship between a student and teacher in a small group class or 1-2-1 is invaluable

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Subjects Taught

Written Expression
Reading Comprehension

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