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Cambridge Private Maths Tuition and Private English Tuition That Works!

We believe that CONFIDENCE builds SUCCESS and greater success builds event greater confidence. Excelr8 Learning students are inspired to do their best and quickly build the confidence need to achieve and succeed

At Excelr8 Learning, your child is taught only by qualified and experienced Cambridge English & maths tutors who guide and support their learning every step of the way. Our modern and well-equipped learning centres enable our tutors to work in a systematic way, providing lessons that are the most appropriate for your child, using national curriculum based resources. There are no one size fits all programmes, no worksheet schemes for you (parents) to supervise at home, just great tutoring by caring tutors who have the experience to make a difference.

Lessons are available during the day, after school, at weekends and throughout all school holidays. Our two types of tuition available include; small group with a maximum of 5 children to every tutor, or one to one tutoring.

Working Closely with Parents

Tuition may focus on just one subject or include a varied mix of maths tuition and English tuition. You (parents) are able to request for specific subjects to be taught and you can suggest changes at any time. Our private maths tuition and English tuition meets your child’s individual learning needs whilst supporting your goals.

Following every lesson, our private tutors meet with you to discuss your child’s progress and provide helpful feedback on the day’s learning, just like a mini parent’s evening but after every lesson.

Private Tutoring for all abilities

Our private maths and private English lessons;

  • Small group lessons:

These last for an hour and a quarter and have a maximum of 5 children working with 1 tutor. Children enjoy working in the company of others and our popular small group lessons are often the most cost effective ideal solution.

  • One to one lessons:

These last for an hour. One to one is sometimes more appropriate if your child has particular learning needs requiring constant and signification input by the tutor throughout the lesson. AS, A Level, IELTS and adult students always require a one to one maths & English tuition.

Our Cambridge Private Maths Tuition & Private English Tuition can help:

      • when a little extra support is needed
      • a student maximise his/her potential
      • support a specific learning difficulty
      • when preparing for SATs, GCSE, AS and A Levels
      • with entrance exam preparation for independent schools
      • with 11+ coaching
      • supporting home-schooled children
      • adults resitting exams

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Free Trial Lesson

We offer a free trial lesson at our Cambridge learning centres, providing families the opportunity to visit and meet our Excler8 Learning private maths tuition and private English tuition centre team. The free trial is by appointment only and you will have a national curriculum assessment with a written report to take home. So;

    • Speak with one of our experienced Cambridge maths & English Tutors today to discuss your child’s particular academic needs


    • Complete the form on this page and a senior tutor will ring you as soon as possible


    • Contact us for more information or to book up an assessment.


    • Call 0845 2757008 to arrange a FREE TRIAL for your child.
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